Jack’s Thoughts ON LOL Surprise Biggie Pets

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We’ve reviewed plenty of items from the LOL Surprise range before and when offered the chance to review the new LOL Surprise Biggie Pets, I just knew Jack would love to.

Available at Smyths, The Entertainer and Amazon {affiliate link} among others for around the £36.99 mark, the LOL Surprise Biggie Pets are a fantastic new addition to the range.

There are 15+ surprises inside and something else that Jack loved about it was that you can wear some of the accessories included yourself – especially to crack a code – and you can use the pet as a backpack or even as a money box, thanks to the coin slot on the top of its head.First of all, you open up the cardboard to find the Secret Spy sunglasses, the Baby Reveal message and some accessories – a strap and a collar. Jack soon got to work trying to decode the messages with his glasses!

Then it was time to see the rest of the surprises so Jack opened the ball. First of all it reveals your big pet – we were lucky enough to receive Hop Hop. Like most money boxes, you can open this pet from the bottom and this is where Jack found a multitude of surprises! He was very excited to see the strap too – as was Olivia – so you can use the pet as a backpack too – or if you’re Olivia, walk it around like a dog!

Inside the big pet were many different surprises including two pet scoopers, some collars, a wishbone, a fortune spinner, a charm, a hair bow and a bone – which we found out contained a joke which you have to read with your glasses!

There were also three little boxes/chests filled with a sand/Playdoh style material. Jack had to dig deep to find three more fantastic surprises- three extra little pets – Jack received two hamsters and a dog! Very exciting!

Overall we were very impressed with the amount of surprises in the LOL Surprise Biggie Pets. Jack couldn’t contain his excitement every time he opened something new and I as a parent love that the pet has many other uses such as a backpack or a money box too – it really makes for a versatile toy. Both Jack and Olivia have been playing with it loads and consider it a great addition to the LOL range, as do I.

Have you bought an LOL Surprise Biggie Pets yet?

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