Jack’s Nursery School Open Day

It is hard to believe that Jack will be going to the nursery school near my parents in September. Whilst I never went to the nursery part there when I was his age (it hadn’t yet been introduced), I went to the attached infants school there from the September after I turned 4 and wow, was it like walking in a time machine when we visited yesterday!

Yesterday was the open day for parents – they asked that you try to arrange childcare whilst there so you can really take notice of everything but of course, that isn’t always possible. Jack went to Steve’s parents and we had a look around. It was a whole new experience for Steve, having gone to school in the next town over. He’d never been into that school hall, sat down on those benches.. it was so surreal.

We were given our starter pack which told us all we needed to know about uniforms and the teachers plus a multitude of forms to fill in, including one for preference of time slot. We opted for mornings and really hope we get it – afternoons would be much more difficult for us with Steve’s shift work – if he’s on a night shift, I don’t want to be taking Jack to school as Steve gets up (that’s if he manages to get any sleep during the morning when Jack is at home!). I tend to do most of my work in the mornings too so it would just be easier all round.

We took a tour of all of the facilities and met some of the teachers and teaching assistants that Jack will be taught by. Unfortunately we are away for the children’s open day so we need to arrange another day for him to go and see but we did manage to book in our home visit whilst there and are hoping to arrange our pre school visit soon too.

I am so excited for him to go and we already have some uniform ready. The uniform is optional but most of the children wear it and I can’t wait to see how cute he looks in his little school jumper. I can’t quite believe my baby boy is growing so big, he’ll be moving out before I know it.

How did you find your little ones nursery open day? Can you believe it has come around so fast?

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  1. My son is off to nursery in September too! We opted for two and a half full days instead of every day as I am not ready for a daily school run! Your nursery sounds much more organised than mine as do you, I don't even know what uniform we need! I hioe you get your mornings x

  2. Awww exciting times, my youngest will be going into year 1 in September and my oldest just finishing his A Levels! It goes far too fast – enjoy every second xx

  3. Wow – no where here has an open day! Pickle goes in January – time goes so fast. Lovely post. Kaz x

  4. My youngest starts school in September – after a period of settling in he has loved pre-school and I hope he will feel the same about school. Scarier still, my eldest is off to Uni in September – how did that happen?!?

  5. Very exciting times although nerve wracking too! Our 4yo starts school in September so we have that hurdle to come. We're up to 9th on the waiting list for the local school and hoping we get it before term starts 🙂

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