Jack’s First Day At Nursery

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion – Jack’s first day at nursery. He had been to pre school, yes – but it was a new one and fairly unknown so there was only him and a little girl called Lily there. Both he and Lily have moved up to the nursery attached to the infant school so I was a little apprehensive about how he would react to a much bigger group of children his age.

He went in his affordable uniform, a mix of Sainsbury’s and Pep&Co as his (very expensive) uniform with the school logo on still hasn’t turned up – oh no! Paired with his new school shoes from Clarks and his new book bag, he was ready to go – and very excited he was to!


Yesterday was just a one hour settling in session where the parents stayed to see how their child got on. Jack took to it like a fish to water – he probably wouldn’t have noticed if we had left – he certainly didn’t this morning! He really enjoyed himself and especially liked his carton of milk and piece of fruit that they gave him as he left!

He’s already told me that he can’t wait to go back in so I would call that a success! Now what am I going to do without him? *sob*

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  1. So glad Jack did well on his first day of nursery. I am not from the UK so this may sound like a stupid question, but nursery is what the Americans call Kindergarten right? I mean, the year kids spend in school learning their letters and numbers and such when they’re about five? In the U.S. nursery is daycare I believe (I’m not fromt he U.S. either, but tend to read more American blogs). In the Netherlands we cal year/grade one the year when kids start school at four, year/grade one and two being the years when kids learn their letters/numbers/etc. Actual writng/math/reading class starts in year/grade three when kds are six. Sorry for rambling on but I’m just curious.

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