Ideas for Coping with Bad Weather on Holiday

You’ve booked your holiday to somewhere hot and sunny, looking forward to escaping yet another drizzly British summer and soaking up some rays on an exotic beach or walking through sun-dappled forests. The thing about the weather is there’s no guarantees, and even the best of climates can let you down sometimes. So, what do you do when you look out of your hotel window and see rain sheeting down? Give up and go back to bed, or find something interesting to do that isn’t dependent on the weather?

Planning your holiday.

When you’re organising your holiday, part of the planning process should be an investigation of indoor attractions near your location. Unless you’re in a very remote or isolated spot, you should be able to find a variety of different types of attractions within a commutable distance. You’ll be able to find out about all sorts of places to go by searching online for your destination. Businesses and activities need visitors to survive, so they will be making their presence felt to encourage more people to seek them out. When you’re doing your research, make a list of places that would appeal to all the members of your party, so you are more likely to all have a good time. If you do spot an attraction that might not appeal to everyone but would be a must-see for some, try and find an alternative for the uninterested, who can then go off on a separate excursion. Make a note of the opening times and entry prices for the time of year you’re going, and jot down the directions for finding the place. You could do all this once you are in situ, but it’s easier and wastes less of your holiday time if you sort these details out at home.

What about the kids?

If you’re on holiday with the kids, you’ll need to find somewhere age appropriate for them to go, and you may need to do a bit of juggling to satisfy the whole family. It does depend on the age and interests of your children, so for example if you have a ten-year-old who has a fascination for history, visiting a museum would probably be a great idea. If, however you have three-year-old twins, keeping them entertained for a long period time at such a location could be something of a challenge. A soft play centre could be the answer for you.

What sort of things could you do?

When it comes to ideas for indoor activities, one on your list may be a museum. Museums are bright, busy places with interactive displays, videos, presentations and fascinating objects, as well as gift shops and cafes. Libraries also have exhibitions, story sessions and Internet facilities, and will be full of interesting information about your location and its history. Depending on where your holiday is based, there will be various attractions to visit suiting all group types. Wildlife and sea life centres will inevitably have a number of outdoor exhibits, but they will also have extensive indoor facilities as well. You could try an indoor sport or visit a video arcade. If your trip is based in the Upper East coast of America, you could go for something thrilling like an immersive mystery at the Boston Escape Room, or an indoor activities centre that has rock-climbing and abseiling. Many places have simulators in which you can experience such thrills as flying a fighter jet, driving in a rally, or taking a rocket to the moon, to name but a few.

It all depends on location

Bad weather may, unfortunately, blight your plans if your trip is particularly adventurous. If you are visiting one of the many National Parks, you may be in a remote part of a country, so may have to resort to basing yourself at your accommodation if conditions are too severe to venture outside. If there isn’t anything that appeals within the distance you’re willing to travel, be prepared by taking your own entertainment. This could be books, puzzles, games, scrapbooks, or a pack of cards. It’s worth looking at the particulars for your accommodation, so you know what you’ll need to bring yourself.

Embracing the weather

If you’re an adventurous soul, you might just venture out into the bad weather anyway. There is something immensely appealing and satisfying about getting out in the cold and rain, and then returning home to a warm room and a large mug of hot chocolate. You can take wet weather clothing, so you’re prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you, and you can use the opportunity to explore regardless of the rain, have a snowball fight or play chase on a deserted, rain swept beach. If you are planning to venture out in bad weather, do be sure to listen out for any weather warnings.

You always hope your holiday will be blessed with uninterrupted sunshine, and it can be a big disappointment when the weather seems to be against you. It needn’t be a disaster though, as long as you anticipate having to deal with less than perfect conditions by being prepared for anything. By preparing for the worst, an unexpected shower could turn into a fun filled day with your family. It is the time spent together that matters, regardless of where you are and what you do.


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