How You Can Support Your Friends When They Are Moving House

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If you’ve ever moved house, you will know exactly how stressful it can be. Trying to book the time off work or schedule moving around your days off, wondering whether to hire movers or hire a van and do it yourself. There is so much to think about. Quite a few of my friends have moved house recently so I thought I’d share some tips with you today – how to support your friends when they are moving house.

Help Them With Food

Whether it’s buying them a takeaway the day they move in or taking them round a home cooked meal, this is a gesture that would certainly be appreciated – as long as they’ve unpacked the plates, that is. I’ve always ended up ordering pizzas the night I’ve moved in – how about you?

Buy Them Something For The House

What better way to show support to someone who has just taken the exciting step of moving house than buying them something for their new home? A lovely homeware gift as well as a card from somewhere like Card Factory is surely a gift that would truly be appreciated. I’ve received candles and photo frames in the past and proudly had them on display. I’d definitely do the same next time we move too.

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Ask Them If They Need Any Help

Sometimes your friends will need help but will be too shy to ask for it. You asking them means they may be more likely to be open about what they need. Do they have kids and need help picking them up from school? Do they need to you to nip to the shop and get home essentials such as toilet rolls because they’ve completely forgotten? It may be so simple but running these little errands for them will be ever so helpful.

Help Them In The Weeks After

A lot of my friends have moved house recently – such as Rhian – and each had a list of things they must remember to do before moving and things to remember after they’ve moved in. Moving house is stressful and even after a few weeks, not everything will be sorted. Can they not get a broadband engineer for a couple of weeks? Let them come round and use your Wi-Fi or let them tether from your phone. Little things like this would be something I’d really appreciate. We’ve already decided that we are going to run one month alongside in our properties – 1) so we can take our time to move across and 2) to ensure that I don’t end up being without internet for days on end (as I need it for my job!).

What little gestures from your friends when you’ve moved house did you really appreciate?

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