House Hunting The Parental Way

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Any house hunter is sure to have a pretty long list of requirements about what they’d like to see in a potential property. Most of us only even agree to view a house if it ticks enough of our boxes to satisfy. Typically, lists like these include things such as outside space, off-street parking, and a set amount of bedrooms. You know; all the standards.

When you’re house hunting with kids in tow, though, your list of requirements may start to look a little different. Obviously, the above pointers will still matter to you, especially that outside space. But, you may also find that you need to take a whole load of other stuff into account as well. That’s not surprising when you consider how much your priorities change when children come into your life.

If you’ve only ever bought a house without kids, then, don’t think you can jump straight back into the buying process. Instead, make sure that you buy a family-friendly home by adding the following essentials to your list.

Room for growth

Even if you aren’t planning to have any more children, the ones you do have are sure to grow at some stage. And, when they do, you need to make sure that your house can accommodate the change. Even if you’re happy to let young kids share a bedroom, this arrangement might not serve once they reach their teen years. Two teen boys in a single bedroom is never going to work. Instead, make sure that your new house at least provides expansion opportunities. Simply check for potential conversions or extensions through companies like That way, you can guarantee that your kiddies will never outgrow that space.

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What about the community?

A community is, of course, always important when it comes to house hunting. That applies whether you’re single or moving in the whole family. In fact, location is often top of the requirements list for this exact reason. Believe it or not, though, a community is even more critical where kids are concerned. That’s because any parent dreams of an area where their kids can play outside. Far from just checking crime statistics and such, you’ll also want to take a look at what’s going on in the street. Areas with high traffic and no visible kids could be a no-go. By comparison, moving into an estate like those built by pretty much guarantees a communal feel. That way, your kids can safely head out to play with your neighbour’s children anytime it takes their fancy.

Are there schools nearby?

When you don’t have children, living near a school is off-putting if anything. As soon as kids come into your life, though, proximity to a well-reviewed school becomes a real priority. The closer you are, after all, the more convenient the school run looks set to be each day. You may also find that close proximity helps your children focus by encouraging them into various after school activities and study sessions. While focusing your search solely around set schools may be a little limiting, it’s always worth checking if there’s a successful option within walking distance. You should find that there are many houses close to some of the best-rated schools you could imagine. You could even book up to view the school on the same day as you look around the house. Just to be on the safe side!

Is there plenty to keep older kids entertained?

When children are young, most of us can’t imagine anything better than life in the countryside or quiet towns. There are so many benefits to options like these. Countryside living can teach youngsters a lot about nature. It can also ensure they play outside without ever needing to worry about excessive amounts of cars. The trouble is that these benefits don’t often stand the test of time. As much as you would like them to, your kids don’t stay young forever. Before you know it, they’re going to be hitting their teen years. When that happens, the countryside isn’t going to suit. They’ll be bored, restless, and probably resentful about living somewhere like that. Make sure it doesn’t happen by considering teen entertainment from each house. Something as simple as a youth club or a cinema could be all it takes. These are small things which can see your teen getting out rather than staying in and driving you all crazy. Without them, no family home could last as long as you’d like.

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