Hen-Dos and Don’ts: Planning The Perfect Pre-Wedding Party

You’re delighted to have been chosen as the maid of honour for your best friend’s big day. It’s what both of you have been talking about for the majority of your lives. But is it selfish to think that it also come with too much work and responsibility? After all, you’ve already spent months helping her husband-to-be choose her perfect engagement ring before he popped the question and you had to keep it quiet for what felt like a lifetime! You’ve now been put in charge of the all important hen-do, which adds another notch of pressure. Try not to enter panic mode just yet and follow a few simple do’s and don’ts which will make the hen-do go off without a hitch.


-Choose a fabulous location

When it comes to momentous occasions like a hen party, the location is key. You need to decide on a place which the bride-to-be will truly appreciate and enjoy. Don’t be afraid to ask her outright if she has any specific locations in mind or any that are off limits. This conversation could come in handy, and avoid you all awkwardly bumping into her ex at a place you really should’ve avoided!

Remember to book stuff in advance

Spontaneity can be excellent fun, but when it comes to large group gatherings organisation is key. Avoid mood-killing encounters by booking tables and restaurants beforehand. It’s always a struggle trying to find a huge table for twenty people when they haven’t been prewarned.

-Organise a fun activity

Think of an enjoyable hen party activity, like a dancing party or a photobooth session. Your goal is to make it memorable for the entire group and allow everybody to let loose.


Make it too obvious

Hen-dos don’t always have to be about those stereotypical things we see in the movies. Keep it classy ladies. Think of something innovative, like a prosecco themed afternoon tea in a fancy coffee shop or an evening out to a toe-tapping musical. You’re bound to please more people by thinking outside the box.

-Spend a fortune

It’s not your responsibility to fork out your life savings for this party. Make sure you recruit other people to help you out and share the financial load. Everyone is usually happy to pay their fair share, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. Think of some thrifty money-saving ideas too. There are plenty of cheap and cheerful ways to deck out a venue for a do!

-Forget to invite everybody

Make sure you don’t misplace anybody from your mind. The guestlist for a hen party is a make or break deal when it comes to planning a successful shindig. Double check with the bride-to-be and ensure she gives the list of names the nod before you go ahead and the send invites out. The worst moment would be forgetting her mother and then getting the cold shoulder from her for the rest of your life!

Follow these points and you’ll effortlessly breeze through your hen-do organising responsibilities without even looking back.


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