Hawkin’s Bazaar – Perfect Gifts For Christmas

Pretty much everyone has heard of the brand Hawkin’s Bazaar. Some of us are even lucky enough to have a store nearby. I don’t get into town too often but I love browsing around my local Hawkin’s Bazaar at all of the unusual presents they have to offer. I was recently contacted asking if I would like to review one of the products on their website.


Every time we visit a toy shop, Jack is drawn to the mechanical singing birds so I knew exactly what item to be sent to us from Hawkin’s Bazaar and I couldn’t wait to see his face. Retailing at £15, a clockwork motor drives tiny bellows which makes the bird warble realistically. For a rented house that isn’t allowed pets, this certainly keeps Jack occupied and he has taken to calling the bird his ‘pet’ too. By simply winding it up at the bottom of the cage, the bird warbles away. I must admit that when Jack keeps winding it up constantly, it can get annoying but if done little and often, it isn’t annoying at all.


The little wooden door opens so you can touch the bird. I’m not too sure what the bird is made of, it does feel a little odd. I think the door is in there simply to make it look like a realistic cage, I don’t see another real purpose for it.


Above is a video of the sound the bird emits – very realistic, wouldn’t you say?

Overall, I am really impressed with this – it is something Jack has wanted for ages and is quite happy with although the sound can get annoying if your toddler insists on winding it up over and over again. However it would be the perfect gift for someone, in my case it’s Jack, so if you know anyone who would like this, definitely consider taking a look at the Hawkin’s Bazaar website!

Item was sent for the purpose of review

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