Getting The Perfect Themed Images As A Blogger

As a blogger and content creator, I am always looking to create the perfect images for my posts. Whether I am writing a review, a sponsored post or some general content, I try to ensure the images are of good quality and are appealing to the reader’s eye. Something I like to try and do is theme my images if the post centres around a specific thing – Christmas posts with Christmas themed decor or food or decorations; birthday posts with the typical things you’d see at a birthday party.

With Halloween coming up, I’ve been searching for some great Halloween backdrops that will give my images that little bit more ‘oomph’. I’ve got so much Halloween content planned in that I need something that will suit all of my content and that is of good enough quality to last multiple shot changes.

Although I have talked about wanting to theme my images based on occasion, I also try to keep the same sort of theme going among my general images. Most product shots I take are currently against a black background – the only time I seem to deviate from this is when I need to show the products in use which is where you will usually see the kids playing with toys on the floor or trying some food at the table.

It would be nice to have a few different backdrops for my general posts like this and I’ve been told a decent photography background would be great for this. I’ve seen a few on Shop Backdrop, the online backdrop store that seem to suit all sorts of occasions. Some gorgeous blue tones, some wooden effect backdrops, they seem to have almost everything you could think of.

As you can imagine, the next few months are going to be super busy over here on Futures – so much content to be written, images needing to be shot, edited and inserted into posts, emails to write and send, emails to read. If I can slice a little bit off my time without having to constantly try to theme my images, why wouldn’t I? A backdrop would be perfect for this.

I’ll definitely be investing a backdrop or two – they’re certainly going to help me up my blogging game and make my images uniquely identifiable to me. Do you currently use any? Or do you theme your photos in a certain way too?


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