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Getting Prepared For Fathers Day

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Now that it is May, we are thinking ahead to Fathers Day. Although my Dad is no longer with us, the kids, of course, buy for Steve and Steve and I buy for his Dad. The kids love days like Mothers Day and Fathers Day as it is a great way to show their love. I always love it when they come home with something cute or cool that they have made at school. There have been some really sweet things in recent years.

But what are we planning on doing for Fathers Day this year?

Getting The Card

Now I don’t know about you but my kids seem to double up on cards. They love to get their Dad personalised cards such as the fantastic ones you can pick up from Boomf. However they normally make them at school too! We often find it hard to find cards suited to their Dad’s interests in local stores but Boomf has a great range that you can personalise to your Dad.

They have already spotted a couple of golfing ones that would be perfect for him! If we don’t get one for Steve, I might get one for Steve to give to his Dad who is also golf mad!

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Getting The Present

Steve is notoriously hard to buy for. We normally end up with some sporty gift – relating to golf or darts – and then maybe something spicy because he loves hot food and hot sauces. It is inevitable that he will usually get a Toblerone too because he loves them! However the kids also love to get him novelty gifts too! Sometime these will also be golf or darts related but sometimes they can be something else entirely. In recent years, they have got him novelty gifts based around superheroes, gaming and even Harry Potter. They just love to get him these items – although whether he actually uses the gifts is another matter!

His Dad, however, is very easy to buy for. He loves his sport and loves ales and whisky so we usually get him something that is based around these – sometimes we get gifts that cover all of the bases too!

Have An Experience

As well as getting or making Steve cards and presents, we also love to have experiences too. Whether it is something simple like a picnic or something a little more extravagant like a meal out, we always love to do something. Often the experience is more catered towards the kids – something like the zoo or the park – but it doesn’t matter as long as it is quality family time together.

For Steve’s Dad, we will probably pop up and see him close to the day. They live a few hours away in Lincolnshire so it’s not a quick pop by and will need to be planned in advance. However we know that this is the experience he’d prefer over going out anywhere.

It is just over a month until Fathers Day and we are starting to get prepared already. What have you got planned for Fathers Day? Have you spotted any nice gifts that you will be getting your Dad for the day?

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