I have mentioned in my 2016 goals and both my monthly goals posts so far this year that I want to write more, I want to participate in more writing link ups and enter more writing competitions. So far this month I haven’t entered any writing competitions as I have been so busy but I hope to make a change where that’s concerned in the next few days – I will be perusing Cathy’s site to see if any take my fancy.

This week I am linking up to three fabulous writing link ups (badges below): Prose For Thought, What I’m Writing and The Prompt. I am using the prompt available on The Prompt which, this week, is Fun. I hope you enjoy – I based it around my birthday night out a couple of weeks ago. I love being a mum and spending time as a family but I really needed the night with my friends.


The nights out are not so often now, we’re all now Dads and Mums

But every once in a while, we get to sneak out and have a night of fun.

Dancing, drinking, catching up, swapping stories across the table

Life has changed over the years, Its been years since we were able

To have some fun and just be free to talk about meaningless things too

To have a laugh among friends, all together without anything to do

My birthday just a few weeks ago had a night just like this one

It was just what I needed, what I required.

A night of simple fun.

Being a parent is fun in itself but sometimes we need time too

Friends are the family that you can choose so make some time for you.



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  1. Ah, so true so true! As a mother of a 3 month old baby, I think I’ve almost fogotten what a night out is like! Having a different kind of fun at the moment, but a glass of vino and a laugh with some friends as your poem beautifully describes would be very welcome 🙂 Good luck with the writing comps #theprompt

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Having just had girly weekend, the first in many (many!) years, making time for yourself and spending it with friends really is so important. Love the rhythm of this poem, it conveys the message perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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