Five To Follow

Some of these bloggers you’ve probably heard of, these are the five that this week keep me coming back for more…
  1. Vintage Vixen – I adore this woman!
  2. It’s Em – She bounced back from a breakup with a new look and is back to her blogging best.
  3. A Slice Of My Life – A fairly recent discovery of mine, I always look forward to Leanne’s posts.
  4. Makeup Savvy – Fee’s blog is just absolutely stunning. Savvy, she truly is, seeking out the most affordable makeup treats she can find. Having spoken to her a fair few times on Twitter too, I can honestly tell she is one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve ever spoken to.
  5. Little Chief Honeybee – I look forward to every single post of Kaelah’s. I love her outfit posts, her posts about her business and her Honest To Blog posts – she isn’t afraid to say what she feels, and I love that in a blogger. Plus, she’s also absolutely gorgeous!
Do you have any new favourite blogs that you’ve discovered?
Let me know!

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