Five Family-Friendly US Vacation Ideas

Travelling to America for anyone in the UK is going to be a big trip. You have to deal with international flight costs, car rental costs, and accommodation costs. Just a few short years ago these costs likely totalled so high that for many of you the United States of America was simply off the table, but today, there are so many budget-friendly options out there waiting for you.

From cheap flights to ride shares, to even private rentals for accommodation, now you can travel to the United States once a year and still fit it into your budget. The money you spend, however, is probably not something you want to scoff at, especially when you travel with kids, so to enjoy your next vacation to this massive and diverse nation, follow these tips:

Types of Family-Friendly Adventures

There are so many different types of family-friendly adventures that the first step to planning any trip is to decide on what you want to do. Do you want to enjoy nature? See a world-class city? Enjoy a festival? See an alligator in the wild? Once you narrow down the type of experience you have, you can choose more accurately where you want to go and when.

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Five Family-Friendly US Vacation Ideas

To help give you some suggestions on what you can do in the states, here are a few great ideas to choose from:

  • Visit Any of Their Incredible Cities

There are so many great places to travel to in America, and their cities are no exception. There are great cities to enjoy throughout the country, from the ultra-modern masterpiece of New York City to the historical towns of Boston or Alexandria. Choose a historic destination, a cultural destination, a modern destination, or anything in-between. If this is your first time travelling to the US, choose something on its east coast. At the very least this will cut down on travel time.

  • Go on a Road Trip

If you have the time, try to go on a road trip. It is in the US that the romanticism of the open road first started, and with as many dramatic landscapes to see there is no shortage of great waypoints you can enjoy.

  • See Any of the Natural Wonders of the World  

America’s national parks are something to behold. From deserts to canyons, to massive trees that stretch dozens of people wide, there is no shortage of incredible natural wonders to see and experience.

  • Enjoy the Warm Beaches

From the warm beaches of LA to the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys, you have options on both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Plan Your Trip

Once you have chosen the perfect destination, it’s time to find things to do and see. Start first by finding a great vacation rental home on VacationRenter that is close to where all the action is. They also have guides you can peruse through so that you can get a truly authentic experience of whichever US vacation destination you have decided on.

Elements of your trip to plan in advance include:

  • Flights
  • Taxis to and from the airports (at all destinations)
  • Car rentals
  • Accommodation
  • Popular activities and experiences

There are so many ways to have an incredible and unforgettable experience in the US, but when you have a family, you need to keep in mind your children’s age, their limitations, and how family-friendly the area is. Plan what you want to do and budget beforehand so you can have as stress-free a trip as possible.


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