Five Date Ideas

I mentioned recently that Steve and I are making time to have a date night every now and again to ourselves. We really don’t make enough time for ourselves as a couple and we really should do. We’ve been coming up with ideas for what we can do on dates that doesn’t always rely on a movie and some dinner and here are five ideas for you:

Play A Sport

It may sound silly but going out and getting active can be the perfect date. Whether you are great at tennis or love a good run, why not turn your passion into a date? We live in Hertfordshire so we have plenty of things to choose from – a great addition to the Watford dating scene is Top Golf – as Steve loves golf, it is a great date for the two of us.

Go On A Day Trip

I love visiting places for the day and one of my favourite places I have ever visited was Cadbury World – if you are trying out the Birmingham dating scene, then this would definitely be a unique dating idea. But seeing as we are Hertfordshire based, I am trying to persuade Steve that he wants to take me to the Harry Potter studios..

Go Hiking

Now this won’t be for everyone as not everyone will have the resources available at their disposal but hiking is a great way to get out into the great outdoors and spend some time with each other. I’d love to visit Snowdonia – those giving Gwynedd dating a try are very lucky!

Be Romantic

Ever considered doing something extremely romantic on a date? After all, they are meant to be about the romance! Perhaps visit one of the many places talked about in romance novels or perhaps you’d love to visit the birthplace of some romantic writers – could there be anyone more romantic than Shakespeare and his sonnets? I’d love to try Warwickshire dating as a great date would be to Shakespeare’s birthplace.

See The Sights

Why not make it a date weekend and perhaps even book some time away? Visit the Western Isles and see what sights you can go and see. Those trying Western Isles dating are very lucky with all those beautiful sights to be able to see on a regular basis. For those of us who are not so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, we will just have to consider a date weekend instead, eh?

What date ideas do you have?


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