First Rhyme Mom by Leanne Stoneley | Review

I was gifted a copy of this book for review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

I don’t read much poetry anymore. When I was younger, especially when studying English Literature at GCSE and A-Level, I used to read poetry voraciously but I seem to have gotten out of the habit in recent years. When offered the chance to review a book of poetry about being a mother – deemed a poetic journey through pregnancy and early motherhood – I had to agree. After all, it would be nice to read some poetry that I could actually relate to.

First Rhyme Mom {affiliate link} is Leanne’s first collection of poetry, with more to come. The poems contained within are inspired first hand by being a first time mom. The poems talk about the ups and downs, the thoughts and feelings that come with being a mother.

What I loved about this collection of poetry was that there were two sections: Inside and Outside. As you can imagine, one stands for pregnancy and the other for life after baby makes their way into the world. As a mum who has been through the birthing process twice now, the poem Scream really spoke to me. The poem Forty Weeks also really reminds me of the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Jack, just before I became a mum for the first time. I remember all those thoughts and feelings so well.

They say that nothing can prepare you for the rush of love you feel when you become a mum and that is so true, something Leanne has captured perfectly in her poems about the baby and it’s life on the outside. She doesn’t sugarcoat things – she tells it exactly as it is. Being a mother, especially in those early day, definitely isn’t easy by any means but the love you feel for your child is ever so hard to explain.

One of her most powerful is (Re)Birth – she only needed just a few lines to perfectly convey the point. Overall, I was very impressed with this collection of poetry and can’t wait to see the future poetry Leanne Stoneley puts out – I’ll definitely be buying it! I really enjoyed having poetry that I could relate to and that spoke to me.

Author BioImage and video hosting by TinyPicLeanne has worked as an English Language teacher for fifteen years and spent the majority of her twenties living in Japan and Spain, as well as in London, Birmingham and Leeds, UK. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Now in her mid-thirties, motherhood has taken her on a whole new adventure and is one she absolutely had to write about. Leanne now lives back in her home region of the West Midlands, UK, with her husband and daughter.

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  1. Poetry and being a mum, two very wonderful things and it is wonderful how Leanne has broken it down even further with the inside and outside sections in her book explaining this further

  2. Wow I think this book is a perfect gift idea for my pregnant friend. She loves reading and I am sure that she will like this one.

  3. I’m like you and I think school scarred me for life when it comes to poetry. But I can appreciate something relatable and it sounds like this poetry book really resonates with mums!

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