Finding The Perfect Shoes For Summer

I am a total creature of habit. Winter, I live in boots – perfect for keeping my feet warm and toasty and also keeping me safe in the cold and icy conditions. In summer, I live in ballet flats – but this can be so boring. I want to revitalise my shoe collection and actually try wearing some different types of shoes year round – but it is important that I find a good deal for me.

I recently bought a cheap pair of flats and they’re already on their way out so I am in need of some new shoes that are perfect for summer. Thanks to the fantastic savings on Schuh at Groupon, I believe I am going to be all kitted out in the shoe department for the foreseeable future at a very affordable price! I may even have to kit out the kids with brand new shoes too – we all know how expensive shoe shopping for the kids can get!

But what do I want? I’m not going to lie – I will always pick up a pair of flats as they are just so handy! But with plans ahead to get back into running, I’m going to need some trainers and I would love some sandals for the beach. As you can imagine, this would all add up if I was to purchase them all together. Discounts are a must when it comes to bulk buying, don’t you think?

Jason Briscoe

I very rarely buy new shoes – only when I absolutely have to – so I always find it difficult. I never know what I want – only the size. The colour, the design – I never know until I see it just what I am looking for and I want to ensure I have the perfect collection to choose from this summer, whatever the weather. Much as I would love to think every day this summer will be flat or sandal or flipflop weather, I think we can all but guarantee there will be some rainy days, perhaps a little cold – so I am probably going to need some new boots today!

I’ve got a few pairs already in my basket and am going to pick up some for the kids too – I think I have finally found the perfect shoes for all of us for summer without breaking the bank. We are sorted for every eventuality and aren’t being creatures of habit, sticking to the same type of shoes. What do you find are the perfect shoes for summer? Do you pick them up when you see a good deal such as the Groupon deal?


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