How To Find Time For Love When You’re Busy

I will be the first to admit that when things get really busy, Steve and I don’t really get much time together. I may work from home and he may be studying at the moment but that doesn’t mean we get much time together. I’m either working or doing the school run or school related things. He is studying or playing golf or taking Jack to the golfing range or looking after Olivia so I can get work done. Time together is a rarity so we do appreciate it when we have it.

We’ve actually been quite lucky in the last month or so – we’ve managed to get out to a few important birthday and anniversary celebrations – but we haven’t actually had any time for just us except driving on the way there which is no time at all.

It is important to find time for love, even if you are super busy. So what can you do to make time for love even during your most hectic times?

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Make sure you keep work and home life separate. It may be tempting to bring your work home with you, especially if you are busy but this will certainly put pressure on your relationship. You need to make time – set a certain time aside each day or week for you to spend some actual time together instead of being like passing ships in the night.

Love should be a priority so set everything aside just for a few minutes per day to focus on your relationship. Don’t run the risk of losing something great just because you are too busy. Set a routine up – one day a week at a specific time. Do something both of you would like – maybe go and watch a film or go out for dinner.

Life can be quite hectic but love should come first. If you take these few simple steps, you are sure to ensure your loving relationship stays on track.


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