My Favourite Holiday Moment

Do you have a favourite holiday moment? Why is it your favourite? I have been on many holidays now, both in the UK and abroad, and whilst I have plenty of amazing memories, I definitely have a favourite memory overall.

Back in September 2012 when Jack was 9 months old, we headed to Rome, Italy for the holiday of a lifetime – and little did I know my life would change from that holiday forward too. It was about three days into the holiday – we went away for four days – and Steve kept looking for little restaurants that were tiny, personal and romantic but shockingly (in Rome!), we could not find one that suited us– or rather, he could not find the perfect one.

The main restaurant in our hotel was situated in a courtyard with some parasols over the table. We’d had lunch there when we first arrived and had some evening meals there once or twice – it was so nice being able to sit in the cool night air by candlelight without having to leave the hotel. It was certainly something special.

I decided I wanted to start packing before going for our meal as it was our final night despite the fact we didn’t leave until 6pm local time the next day. Steve seemed to be getting very frustrated with me and kept telling me to get ready.

He finally managed to get me and Jack downstairs and ordered our meals – Steve had a boring tomato and cheese pasta whilst I opted for something a little different, a gnocchi with sea bass. Steve asked the waiter for suggestions for a bottle of wine and bought a bottle that he suggested. Jack was whinging and tired but wouldn’t go to sleep despite everything we tried! My meal was amazing – and I was stuffed. Steve asked if I wanted a dessert and I wasn’t going to but I saw that the dessert I’d chosen on the first night and decided I’d have that.

Nicola, our waiter, brought our desserts out with some silver lids on them. I was sorting Jack out so found it odd that he didn’t remove them and leave. I sat back down, he removed them then kept asking strange questions. I didn’t realise he was trying to get me to turn the plate around – Steve literally had to tell me to turn the plate around which is when I saw a pouch sitting there. Me being me, I asked what it was and got my answer by Steve getting down on one knee… I said yes of course. The rest of the night was a blur and I don’t remember too much but have some lovely photo memories of the day.

Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever make as such a special memory as this again, I want to make more memories so I’ve been checking out the Holiday Gems site to find some good deals. Visit the website here to find a cheap holiday you will enjoy.


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