Europe’s Top Road Trips #roadtripsofEurope

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Do you love a good road trip? I do – they are lots of fun! You get to see so many different things along the way and have fun with your friends and family.

Kwik Fit have created an eBook all about the top road trips Europe has to offer – you can find it here: Europe-s Top Road Trips-The Scenic Edit. There are plenty of road trips I already knew about such as Route 500 or Trollstigen but there are so many that are new to me too. I love that Kwik Fit have created this as it has introduced me to so many new trips. It also reminds me to make sure my car is safe and ready to travel before heading off – so many people don’t check even the basics when heading on a road trip and end up getting themselves intro trouble.

Now I’ve mentioned before that I am not very well travelled – I’ve only been abroad twice – so my road trips tend to be here in the UK. However that does’t mean I don’t have the wanderlust and I would love to go on any of these road trips. I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland so why not travel along Route One or take a drive around the Ring of Kerry in Ireland – somewhere I have always wanted to visit because it is so beautiful!

There are so many beautiful places in Europe that I would just love to take a drive around. I say I – well I don’t drive so it would have to be Steve, haha!

Steve has also had a look at the eBook and it has certainly reignited his wanderlust – Steve is definitely intrigued by the Trollstigen in Norway and I must admit, it does sound like a fab road trip! We are so keen to get back out there travelling again soon so what would be better than a road trip in Europe, showing our kids the sights and beautiful scenes that our gorgeous continent has to offer!

Why don’t you take a look at the eBook and see which road trip takes your fancy? There’s so many gorgeous places to choose from – and don’t forget to make sure your car is super safe and ready for the trip! Kwik Fit cover what you should check in their eBook – checking your tyre treads, batteries and so many other things.

Let me know where you want to road trip first – do you have the same choices as me?

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