My Dream Winter Home

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How many times have you daydreamed about being holed up in a lodge somewhere cold during the winter months with a roaring fire, snuggled up under a blanket and reading a book? I know I have – it’s my idea of bliss. Steve and I have often discussed moving somewhere such as North Canada which is quite cold but if I wanted a proper winter home, I think I would love to live in the French Alps. Sure, there’s some other fantastic wintery places I could go to such as Switzerland or Greenland but something about the French Alps just screams fun and luxury to me.

Think about it. You’re holed up in a lodge at night with your whole family, a roaring fire, bowls of hot steaming soup, covered in a warm fluffy blanket and just spending time together? During the day, you can ski and snowboard to your hearts content. What could be better? If you are looking for a perfect winter home, doesn’t this sound like it?

Imagine going to sleep in some comfy bedding from Julian Charles, curling up on the sofa together under a soft fluffy throw or sitting at the table scoffing down bowls of warm vegetable soup. I am trying to make the most of my time with my children hence why I work from home – it means I can still have time to do things like take Jack to school and pick him up or take Olivia to groups. The reason I would love to have our very own winter home is for much the same reasons – spending time with my family. Children grow up so quickly and a winter home in the French Alps would be a great experience for all of us and a great way to spend time together.

Of course this is all just a pipe dream right now but it is definitely something to work towards. We all have those hopes and dreams of where we want to live, whether that be as a permanent home or a holiday home. As long as I had a warm fire, lots of filling food, some cosy bedding, blankets and throws and some scented candles around the place, anywhere could be home to me – as long as I also had my family. Maybe one day I will have my very own winter lodge in the French Alps to go and hole myself up in with a good book – I can keep on hoping, can’t I?

Where would you have your winter home if you could?

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