Double glazing vs triple glazing? What will add the most value to your Cheltenham home?

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Do you live in the Cheltenham area and have you been considering double glazing or triple glazing? Do you realistically know what things you should be thinking about when it comes to the windows in your home? If you’re anything like me, you probably never used to know the first thing about windows – but when considering such a job, it is important to know exactly what work you are getting done.

Double glazing is pretty standard in most properties now – those being built generally have double glazing as standard and many people, including our landlady here, have had double glazing put in to their older properties as time has gone by.

Are you thinking about upgrading your existing windows to double or triple glazing? You want to be happy with your choices but you also want to know how it will affect the value of your home before you get started, right? Here are a few stats for you that may swing your mind either way.

As mentioned, double glazing is pretty common nowadays but if you have bought an older property, it may not have yet had double glazing put in. Statistically, double glazing will add an average of 14% more value to your home.

Should you opt for triple glazing, statistically it could add up to £25,000 more value in some areas – and improves your Energy Performance Certificate rating too!  An EPC tells you how energy efficient your home is, rating it from A which is very efficient to G which is inefficient – landlords must ensure the property is a minimum of an E rating & many selling will want to make improvements to the EPC rating to make the property more enticing. Upgrading your windows is real investment for both now & the future.This enables future buyers to know how much it will cost to light and heat the house and what emissions to expect. Triple glazing will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The three layers of glass all have their own specific job to do – one offers very high clarity, one is designed to reflect heat back into the room instead of letting it escape and the central pane is made of tempered glass which helps reduce the risk of cracking. It may be a little more expensive to install than double glazing but it tends to offer a higher energy saving and you are able to recuperate your investment in a much quicker time.

Obviously you will know the value of your property so you could sit down and work out the maths to see which improves the value of your home best. Whether you choose to get double glazing or triple glazing by Albany Windows, you always need to ensure you are informed about the choices you make. The product has to work for you – both physically and financially!

Have you been considering getting double or triple glazing installed in your home – or have you recently had it done? What did you or will you opt for? I’d love to know!


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