Doing Up Our Garden For Summer

I’ve mentioned before that we have quite a small garden but we do like to give it a makeover when it comes to the summertime. Despite the size, it is important for Jack and Olivia to get out and about out there.

I’m always looking for good deals for items for the garden, whether it comes to patio and garden furniture or items for the kids to play on outside. In a perfect world, if we had a bigger garden, I just know that we’d have a massive playset in the garden, a goal for the boys to play football, a putting green for the boys and some nice garden furniture for myself and Olivia to relax on whilst the males get their sport on.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case but I can do my garden up as best as possible for us all to the summer months roll in. You know I am always keen to get a good deal – it isn’t like I haven’t mentioned it before – so I’m always looking to see what deals there are around. One such site that I always head to is Groupon – I can almost always guarantee that I will be able to find what I am looking for, usually with a vastly marked down price. When you are working to a budget, deals are vital and when you have kids, you want them to have the best quality but don’t always want to pay the prices that best quality products command.

I am still looking for the perfect playhouse for the kids – I never got one when Jack was younger but now we have the two kids, I feel it is something we need as Jack will have someone to play outside with him all summer. I’ve been looking up prices and some are so extortionate – I just cannot justify paying half a month’s rent on something that is essentially a toy for the kids. I know it is something they will enjoy and that they will get a lot of use out of but it just seems like such a lot of money!

I’m also hoping to make the garden a little more colourful too – we have this gorgeous plant that flowers every year but it is the only pop of colour our garden seems to have. It would be amazing to have a garden that I’d be happy to sit in rather than unhappy to go in unless I have to – so I am going to be looking for the best deals on plants that will stand the test of time, I don’t want to be buying some to die just a few weeks later.

Finally, I want to get some decent garden furniture. I would love to be able to sit out there on a summer’s evening with Steve when the kids have gone to bed with a ice cold bottle of fruit cider and just chat about our day. I used to do this with my friends when we first moved in six years ago but haven’t done it for so long and no longer have the furniture.

I’m hoping that come the end of May, my garden will be all done up for summer and I can enjoy it – and have kept to budget too. Do you look for deals like me when it comes to home and garden items?


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