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You read it right. Today I am bringing you a Doctor Who gift guide. Why? Because I and my entire household love Doctor Who as do the majority of my friends – shout out to Sarah, Laura and Shona here. I always love picking up little trinkets or clothing related to the series and since I have a few other Christmas gift guides coming up, I thought why not create a couple of niche ones, some specific gifts for that special someone in your life?

I’ve taken a look on Etsy for some fantastic unique pieces for any TARDIS fan.

River Song Journal  – £17+ plus shipping

river song journal

River Song is one of my favourite characters and her journal is an integral part of the show – SPOILERS. So much happens around River and I really miss seeing her on screen – apparently she is coming back soon though but that could be just a rumour.

11th Doctor Print – £6 plus shipping


Sometimes I really miss Matt Smith’s Doctor! I’m not saying I don’t like Peter Capaldi and Matt wasn’t my favourite Doctor but I did love him…a lot. I am a sucker for a print and I love this – so affordable too!

Weeping Angel Necklace – £5 plus shipping


If you don’t know who the Weeping Angels are, hellooooo…where have you been? They are one of the best villains from Doctor Who in the past few years, they are just so creepy and you certainly won’t look at statues in the same way again.

Allonsy Print – £6.50 plus shipping


The Tenth Doctor is my favourite and probably always will be, David Tennant played the Doctor so well and it was a shame when he left. I love rewatching his old episodes and I know this is a gift that plenty of my friends would love!

Notebook (Personalised With Your Name in Gallifreyan) £10.81 plus shipping


This is such a unique idea, something I haven’t seen anywhere before. I am tempted to order this for myself just to see what my name looks like in Gallifreyan. After all, everyone needs a notebook, don’t they?

UPDATE: This notebook is only shipped within the US unfortunately despite being on the UK site HOWEVER the seller does create an image file with your name which they can send to you instead.

Sonic Screwdriver Earrings – £6 plus shipping


How cool are these? The Doctor is well known for his sonic screwdriver so these earrings would be a great gift for any fan – they are so cheap too!

Doctor Who Inspired Fully Loaded Charm Bracelet  – £22.50 plus shipping


I think this is my favourite gift idea of the whole lot – I am definitely speaking to Steve, telling him that this is something I would quite like for Christmas or my birthday in January! How cute is it? I love all the charms, I get the references and I WANT IT NOW.

The Third Doctor Print – £10.13+ (dependent on size required) plus shipping

3rd doc

I’ve featured a lot of ‘New Who’ stuff so I thought it fitting to end the gift guide throwing back to the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. I love Jon Pertwee as an actor in general and he is my favourite Doctor’s from the older seasons that I have seen. This print is quite adorable, isn’t it?

Are you a fan of Doctor Who or is someone in your household? I really hate buying the mass produced gifts you find now for popular series so Etsy is my go to place whenever I need something that little more unique. There are so many Doctor Who items available from all of the different sellers, you can see some more here


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  1. I’ve never been a fan of Doctor Who but I do have fond memories of sitting with family, being made to watch it when I was younger! That charm bracelet is ace, it would make a great gift! x

  2. I LOVE doctor who and it’s one of my favourite things to watch with a big cup of tea on the sofa at night. I’ve been brought up with the show and even my family loved to watch it too! I think this is a brilliant idea and these items would make incredible gifts!

  3. I might have something you definitely need…….. I have made a few ‘police box’ (copyright is obviously an issue) bookmarks … theyre metal and gorgeous, let me know if you want one!!!!!

  4. Great selection of gifts! I personally don’t watch it, and haven’t done since I was young. But, I have to say that the jewellery looks really nice and fun.

  5. Ok, so please don’t hold this against me but I’m not really a fan of Doctor Who, although Alex (the other half is). Even as a non-Doctor Who fan I love some of the items you’ve chosen.

    I think my favourites would have to be the charm bracelet and also the Alonsy print, love the colours.

    Etsy is great for finding items that aren’t normally found on the highstreet.

    Thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky.

    Laura x

  6. I love this! Pinning! There are some really cool unique ideas here. My daughter is a Dr. Who fan, we recently redid her bedroom with the theme, there are several things she would like, from your list, under the Christmas tree!

  7. Lovely selection Bex. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Doctor Who! I’ll forward it to my mum though as she likes to talk about it with her friends!!

    Louise x

  8. What a lovely gift guide I am sure is really popular. I gather Doctor Who is a popular english show here in the UK. I have heard it in passing I think. Bet anyone that likes the show would love these. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

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