All Change

Yes, its right – I am suffering from a case of the all change. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our old neighbours had kindly given us their barely used sofa for free. Its a lovely sofa and ours is in desperate need of being chucked out so we gratefully accepted. In the next few days we will be manoeuvring them around – getting this old one out and checking the floor for any coins (when we moved out of our last place, we found over £40 in change!). Then we will bring the new one in and focus the detail around it.

Our sofa actually came as part of a package with Steve’s reclining armchair. He will be getting rid of this too which means we will be losing one seat for when people come around – not ideal so we are looking to get a new, affordable chair that matches our sofa. Now that we have decided upon this, we have also chosen to move the desk aka my home office from the dining room to the living room. Plenty of space will be opening up by removing our large sofa and reclining armchair and by moving this, it means we will have more space in our dining room for our actual dining table (and bookcases, of course). I’ve been looking at some furniture options from Danetti to update our living room – one of their occasional armchairs works well with the new sofa but our current TV stand will look out of place so I have been eying up their wooden stands too.

This always seem to happen with us. If one thing gets removed and then replaced with something else, we always spend a couple of weeks afterwards moving stuff around in different places to ensure it looks great – I can’t wait for my friends to come round and notice it has been changed round again – we get the idea and go with it.

Is anyone else like this?

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  1. i’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve rearranged the living room! we are now looking at getting a corner chaise sofa and an armchair when we decorate (current 3 seater and 2 seater recliners are just too big so we have to move them to get people round both sides of the dining table!

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