Destressing At Home

They say that home is your haven and I find this to be true. Home is meant to be at a place where you can go and destress. It is the place we go to when we need to reenergise and recharge our batteries. We go there when we need to unwind. But how can we destress at home?

Rattan Direct have a great guide which you can find here. You must have heard of Hygge, the Danish concept. It is all about being warm and cosy. So how can we make ourselves feel better?

Get in some home treats and make it into a ritual. Perhaps run a bath with a bath bomb fizzing away, light some gorgeously scented candles, pour yourself a nice cold glass of wine and chat to a good friend. All these things can help us to relax that little bit more.

Make sure you have comfy furniture. You will find it incredibly hard to relax if your living room furniture is tough to sit on or your bed and mattress are rock hard. You want to be able to sink down into them and really chill out so make sure you have only the comfiest furniture in your house.

Keep your home neutral – they say that patterns can give us a headache so if you want to keep your home a stress free zone, try to avoid them and keep things as neutral as possible – let in as much light as you can, natural light is so important. Also clear up your clutter – having clutter lying all about the place will only add to your stress and that is something you don’t need. Store things away neatly.

There are so many things that you can do to make your home stress free – what are you going to do today?


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