Decorating The Table And Chairs For Christmas

For the first time in years,we are hosting Christmas this year. We usually head to Steve’s parents but with them being away this year, his brother and my mum will be coming to ours. The pressure is on since it has been quite some time since we have hosted guests for Christmas and trying to get stuff that everyone likes is a nightmare. Not to mention that we are very lacking in space in this house so some moving around may be required to fit everyone in.

We’re yet to decorate the house for Christmas having just had Jack’s birthday and will be doing so soon but what I have been thinking about is how we will decorate the dining table and dining chairs for Christmas. Steve’s mum always has a beautifully festive table and chairs and I want to do the same. We’re actually lacking in dining chairs for everyone with all our guests so I could probably do with some more dining chairs too!

Brooke Lark

I plan on getting a nice festive tablecloth and festive napkins for the table plus some crackers with some hilarious jokes. Of course we will have our nice cutlery and glasses out too. But how can I decorate dining chairs to look festive?

I didn’t realise but there is so many different things you can do to make your dining chairs more Christmassy for the big day. Maybe add a simple bow, you could even choose different colours for each guest. I’ve heard of people using glitter sprayed pinecones in their decor too so I’m sure there is a way you could work those into a chair decoration. Of course, what is Christmas without a wreath? I’m thinking a tiny wreath on the back of each dining chair would make for some lovely festive decor. Guests can even take them home afterwards!

Although I am quite daunted by the prospect of hosting Christmas this year, I am also quite excited. After all, it gives me a chance to make my house super festive (which is always fun for the kids) and show people what I can do – and it means that if I make myself in charge of the decor, then Steve can be responsible for the food on the day instead, haha!

Do you decorate your table and chairs for Christmas? What do you do?


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