Cry Babies | A Review

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

You must have heard the little jingle by now for Cry Babies – the advert sticks in your head and remains there all day. Jack and Olivia kept pointing the advert out and made it clear they wanted one so when they were offered the chance of reviewing one, I just knew I had to say yes.

These lovable dolls cry real tears. You give them a dummy and a cuddle to stop them from crying. They cry real water tears and make realistic baby noises when you take away their dummies. What’s better, their arms and legs are movable and they come with their own changeable onesie! Brand new to the collection for April 2018 are Dotty, Nala and Lady – they have an RRP of Β£29.99. Find out more from the website here or order one for yourself from Amazon here {affiliate link}.

We were sent Lady, one of the new babies in the collection. The kids were very excited for her to arrive and took great pleasure in investigating to see exactly how she cried – there’s a section on her back where you can unscrew the lid and add water so she can cry her real tears. She can cry for England, that’s for sure, but a cuddle and her dummy tends to put her right as rain.

Her cry certainly is as realistic as a real baby’s – when it went off randomly sometimes when Jack was playing with it, I’d wonder if it was actually Olivia making the noise! You can stop your baby from crying by giving her a cuddle or putting her dummy in her mouth – Jack much preferred giving her a cuddle whilst Olivia liked to give her dummy to soothe her.

The compartment for putting in water to enable the baby to cry real tears is quite big and can actually fit quite a lot of water in – I was amazed by the sheer amount you could managed to fit in there!

Just look at those real tears she cries! You can start the crying by either pressing a buttonΒ or taking the dummy out and waiting for it to start. It builds up slowly much as a real babies would but soon develops into a full blown cry. I don’t blame Jack or Olivia for picking her up quite quickly and cuddling her or giving her the dummy as that cry can get really annoying after a while!

All in all, the kids are very happy with the baby they were sent to review – although they now want the rest of the range. I keep catching the two of them playing together with Lady and managing to calm her down from her tantrum, making some adorable cooing baby noises. I can guarantee that this is one of the first toys the kids will go for when they arrive home and its great. It really captures their attention and leads to imaginative play – I love hearing what Jack is saying when I catch the two of them playing with Lady, it’s so cute!

Have you ever bought one of the Cry Babies for your child? What did you think?

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