Choosing The Right Venue To Set The Mood On Your Wedding Day

Picking the right wedding venue will undoubtedly be, one the most important decisions any engaged couple can decide. The venue can be in any style, so the choice is completely void of the lack of choice. The venue could be a castle, a hotel, a manor house in the countryside, a barn on farmland, or a mystical retreat by a lakeside. The venue should reflect your and your partner’s personalities, the things you’re interested in and thereby the setting that most matters to you both. Architecture, size, materials and the location will all have a subconscious effect on your guests, and it will create the image they’ll keep in their minds of your wedding, for the rest of their lives. And, so will you; so the move the budget aside, the timing schedule you’ve planning and the honeymoon all to the back of your mind. You need to allocate a good amount of time to the reasons, why, you’re going to choose a certain venue. There some stand-alone tips which you should incorporate into your thinking.

Finding your style

If you have a darker nature to your personality, you could book a venue with a little history linked back to it from the Middle Ages. Castles are great for this kind of wedding; something with history, ancient civilisations and the smell of the bricks. If you’re religious, you may find more comfort in a cathedral, than you may in your local church. Cathedrals in the UK will have a gothic 14th-century twist to their architecture. However many modern cathedrals, however, have less stubborn features to the building and much more room inside. If you’re someone who is in tune with nature, a manor house in the countryside would be a great place to take your vows.

When to book

It’s normal for couples to book their chosen venue around 12-18 months in advance. This is so the date is not booked by another couple, and the company who either owns the venue or has it on their list of options is prepared in advance. If you’re working directly with a venue, agreeing to the set date is going to need you to employ a negotiating stance. You may also, need to pay extra, but you should book the venue even further out in advance if you can; over two years if need be. You must also factor in the weather. Study the meteorological patterns over the venue or perhaps ask the company, if they can supply you with the relevant information.

Take precautions

When you book the venue, make sure it’s in writing. You may get an online confirmation, so before you click on anything that finalises the purchase, carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you want any special circumstances for your wedding, they’ll have to be agreed to in person, and in writing. To protect yourself, from the other party falling through, get a wedding insurance policy from a company such as Regarding the venue, any agreement that is changed on the day, such as the allotted time that you paid for being decreased, certain parts of the venue being cut off to guests, last minute changes to the day or the venue cancelling should be subject to a coverage plan.

Sufficient room

Although a venue may look spectacular from the outside, the inside may leave a little something to be desired. It’s important to not put style over substance and rely totally on pleasing aesthetics when it comes to catering for all your guests. A spectacular building will only go so far, when family and friends want the room to play, dance, eat, drink and laugh. Work out how many guests will be coming to your wedding, and mold the stylish choices you make of the venue around the number of people. There must be ample room for tables, chairs, and waiters to move around freely. Many wedding venues will have main halls, but the size of these rooms should be measured by an independent professional to give you an accurate figure. The tables and chairs can all be downsized too, to make room, but the venue itself must be comfortable handling potentially hundreds of people.

Take the time to search within yourself and find the perfect style that would compliment your personality. Not all weddings are going to be like fairy tales, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. The key is not to let emotional response get in the way of logical thinking. Book the venue well in advance, and start thinking about how best you will use the room supplied to you.


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