Changing Up My Wardrobe For 2018

There is so much I want to change in 2018, not least my appearance. As a result, I’ve been changing up my wardrobe – decluttering as such. I’ve been getting rid of clothes that are either way too small or way too big, colours or shapes that don’t suit me, anything that is looking a little threadbare, anything I no longer like. Anything that is of good enough quality is going to the charity shop, anything that isn’t is being taken to the clothes bank to be made into rags.

But this leaves me with a little bit of a dilemma. You see, those items above account for most of my clothes and I am left with the bare essentials – some leggings, one pair of jeans, a couple of tops…you get my drift. I’ve got a few dresses but nowhere near what I used to have – I used to have more dresses than anything else in my wardrobe.

I’ve been wanting to update my clothes for a while and am going to be hitting up the stores and websites to buy some items for myself. With the plan to lose weight, I am only going to buy a few items in the size I am currently and the same as I go down in size until I hit my target weight – then I can go a bit crazy with clothes buying!

When it comes to clothes buying, I have finally come to the realisation at 27 years of age that I need to focus on pieces that stand the test of time and that will suit most occasions. I can occasionally indulge in ‘fast fashion’ but ultimately I need to ensure that the items I am buying are of decent quality, are suitable for various events and will stand the test of time, not falling to pieces within days or weeks.

With my dresses thoroughly depleted, I’ve been considering some jersey or silk dresses from David Nieper. There are super stylish options in a variety of colours and sizes which would suit the majority of occasions. The prices are a little more than your cheap high street store but that is only testament to their good quality and your knowledge that they will stand the test of time. With a few dresses, a new pair of jeans and some new knitwear, my wardrobe will soon be full to bursting again – and I will have the luxury of choice once more, without having to look through a load of clothes that are no good for me.

Not only that, people will benefit from the clothes I am getting rid of – whether they buy them from the charity shop or are utilising the ones given to the clothing bank at my local supermarket. When it comes to fashion, it is important to pick a few affordable, good quality pieces instead of relying on the cheap poor quality items, don’t you think?




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  1. It is great that you’re having a clear out and considering where the old items go. I am a bit of an eco warrior so most of my clothes are around 10 years old or from a charity shop or both. I have new technical outdoors gear which lasts for years. I certainly think that choosing slow fashion is the way forward though. More sustainable for the maker and for the environment too.

  2. I really really find it hard to throw clothes away. I get emotionally attached them. They have been with me through thick and thin and mostly kept me dry and warm. I really need to do this, not sure how yet though.

  3. I’ve just done a completely brutal wardrobe clean-up! I try to do one every year but there’s still been that odd thing I have clung on to for sentimental reasons.

    You’re absolutely right, sometimes the higher end price tags are worth it. it’s not exactly expensive but I spent £60 on a pair of brogues (waaaay more than my usual budget) and I have LIVED in them for nearly two years now.

  4. As I’m getting older I’m also moving away from fast fashion into more quality pieces. I really need to have a good sort out in my wardrobes and be quite ruthless in what I keep.

  5. Each year we send clothes we no longer want or can get in to, to a charity shop; unless it is unfit to wear, we through them away. I guess with each new year. It is always good to start things afresh and new clothes is certainly a way of doing just that. Hope you have a prosperous 2018.

    John M

  6. We have been on a major purge in our house. The last two closets to go through are the master bedroom and my daughters closet. Hers will not be hard as her favored items are mostly in her college dorm and left at home is what she brought home for the holidays and then the items that need to be cleaned out. For me it is a bit harder but it needs to be done as we are also moving into the next phases of our home remodel.

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