GUEST POST | Why Parental Responsibility is Actually a Privilege

I am so pleased to be able to share this guest post with you today from the fabulous Kate at The Less-Refined Mind: A Mouthpiece on Motherhood, Marriage, and Madness. . Enjoy!

When people talk about children, I regularly hear them refer to the associated responsibility. It’s often spoken of in the same way as a mortgage or job: the weight of the duty clearly an unwelcome pressure. And as all parents will appreciate, the relentlessness can, of course, be all-consuming. If we’re being frank, it can be downright suffocating.

Our babies are our whole world; and that never stops. We want the best for them and we do what is necessary to keep them safe, and healthy, and – as far as possible – happy. Naturally, our best will never quite be enough: from the moment they learn the word ‘no’, we must accept that we will be scrutinised constantly – and usually we’ll be found wanting.


Unerring Exhaustion

I don’t know about you, but I feel the responsibility of having a daughter almost incessantly. The exhaustion that comes from putting another person at the centre of our universe and generally receiving little thanks is understandably dispiriting. Who knew you could feel tiredness in your bones? It can make us despondent at best and resentful at worst. When we are on our knees and critically in need of a break, *whispers* they can even feel like a burden. (It’s the reason they’re designed cute, apparently.)

But this post is not, in fact, about the hardships of having a child.

Because despite the overwhelming grind that is never quite ‘done’; despite the taxing stresses of a needy toddler; when I consider my responsibilities towards my daughter, I don’t think of the mental and physical fatigue.

Awe and Wonder

I think of the wonder in her innocent face when she looks at me. I think about how our interactions at such a tender age will shape her as a person. I think of the blank canvas I have before me, and my capacity to make it flourish – or flounder. I think of the delicate, unfinished soul which I have the honour and privilege of holding in my palms, and in my arms. I think of the default adoration, and trust, and faith she places in me, every day.

I think of the many, many ways both myself and her father bear the potential to inadvertently harm her sweet, sensitive nature – and in doing so, damage her for life.

My husband and I had an epiphany several years ago, the logic of which we all know, but don’t necessarily apply to our own circumstances. We came to realise that we never question the things our parents tell us when we’re small. As we grow and develop our own minds and understanding of the world, we may begin to call them out on their ideas, theories and values; but as young children, we are programmed to simply accept whatever they tell us as the absolute truth. And, if we’ve grown up believing a particular concept, it’s only when we repeat it and somebody else questions it that we finally examine our unshakeable conviction.

Fallible Parents

To lighten the tone of this post, I shall share an example of what I’m talking about…

As a kid, my husband noticed he sometimes had a stomach ache after going swimming. When he asked his father why this was, he was given an answer which his young mind found acceptable; and which thereafter he always accepted to be the truth (until he recounted it to me as an adult, causing me to nearly have a seizure from laughing so hard). For your delectation, here’s his little gem:

If you get a tummy ache when you go swimming, it’s because sometimes… ’The water goes up your bum.’

Moving on…

The Responsibility Privilege of Being a Parent

So I don’t dwell on the responsibility of my daughter (it’s what I signed up to, after all), I focus on my responsibility to her. I think of how she places me on a pedestal – just as I did with my own parents – and therein the extreme honour bestowed upon me.

The staggeringly daunting ‘responsibility’ I feel for my daughter is all about her, and not about me at all. It’s for her welfare today – and her wellbeing for the rest of her life.

Do you find the responsibility of being a parent overwhelming? Do you have (irrational?) fears about screwing up your child?


Kate Tunstall is a maverick mummy blogger and freelance writer. She writes at The Less-Refined Mind: A Mouthpiece on Motherhood, Marriage, and Madness. 

30 Signs You Are Getting Old | The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

Please enjoy this guest post from a great friend of mine, Mel!

Hi, my name is Mel and I blog over at The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover blog. My blog is a lifestyle blog which covers fashion, travel, food and home amongst other things.

1.You get up early on the weekend because you want to enjoy the day.

2.You save all your money for one expensive top that will be an investment rather than a few cheaper ones from Peacocks or Primark.

3.You finally admit that you do like your relatives and pop into see them when you can.

4.You remember playing hop scotch and playing with a hula hoop.

5.You spend more than a fiver on a bottle of wine as it tastes so much better when you do.

6.If you go to a fast food place you have the healthy option.

7.You know what an amuse bouche is.

8.Candles make you happy.

9. You’ve made your own pizza, from scratch, base and all.

10.When Top Of The Pops finished you were heartbroken.

11.Instead of buying spot cream at the chemist you end up buying antacid, hair dye and Tena lady.

12. Your specialist knowledge on Mastermind is something educational and worthy and not The Simpsons.

13. You never hold hands in public any more and your partner only kisses you when he wants one thing – yes you guessed it, a cup of tea.

14.You watch X Factor for the freaks and weirdos not the music.

15.You buy a Nutribullet or a Spiralizer as it’s the healthy thing to do.

16.You remember John Travolta when he was young and cute.

17.You have a party and the neighbours don’t even realise it.

18.Getting asked for ID when buying alcohol makes your day.

19.All your favourite bands are doing reunion concerts.

20.You prefer a pub that isn’t noisy where you can talk.

Copyright Stefano Tinti

21.You had a ZX spectrum or a Commodore 64 when they first came out and remember having to load games on tape.

22.You enjoy a glass of sherry, brandy or port at the end of a meal out.

23.You remember a Snickers when it was called a Marathon and thought your head would blow off if you ate a packet of Space dust with a can of Coke.

24.You still prefer reading a newspaper than getting your news online.

25.You remember when DJS were known for their banter and music and not other reasons…

26.You can remember watching tv in black and white and when there was only 3 channels.

27.You like getting shortbread at Christmas.

28.You get obsessed with gardening and you can’t go away without mowing the lawn and leaving food for the birds.

29.You get annoyed when someone talks in the cinema, or worse still doesn’t turn their phone off.

30.You write a bucket list.

Can you identify with these? What are your signs you are getting old?

Make Fudge, not Judge(ments)


This is a guest post from my lovely friend Lucy who blogs over at The Parent Game. Her blog is one  of my favourites – she can talk about all sorts of subjects and always keep the reader captivated. I particularly love her serious posts as she writes so well and so passionately about the topic. Enjoy.
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I am not judgemental. I don’t say that lightly, I actually go out of my way to try really hard not to judge anyone. The reason for this is very simple, no one knows what another person is going through and how much effort they are making to project the image you see. That image might not be the one they are hoping for; they might be aiming for ‘confident, organised, together’, but it may come across as ‘loud, bossy, controlling’, as they try too hard to hide what’s really going on in their lives.
The point is, though, it’s easy to judge, but it’s much harder to think beyond the obvious and look past the behaviour or actions of a person to try to understand them. Don’t get me wrong, some people are just selfish, arrogant idiots. I’m not trying to create a world full of peace and understanding, unicorns and rainbows. It won’t happen, because there will always be thoughtless people who are happy to ride on the coat tails of kindly individuals and it’s important to recognise and deal with the selfish pillocks who take advantage.
However, those aren’t the people I’m talking about, as I actually think they are in the minority. I’m talking about the people who are often gossiped about at the school gates, the ones who maybe live their lives a bit differently in some way.
Perhaps they are sometimes late, park in the wrong place, don’t speak to anyone, or dress differently. Or the people who always seem to say the wrong thing, don’t seem to want to make friends, or come across as rude. Here’s a newsflash; maybe they are a bit shy. Perhaps it’s not you it’s them. Maybe they have got other things on their mind, or they feel that they don’t fit in.

How about if, when somebody doesn’t toe the socially accepted line, we wonder why for a little while? I know there are times in my life when I wish someone had seen through my exterior, and noticed when I needed someone to approach me, or just wanted to be understood.

What if they are late because they are struggling with an unseen medical condition, or parking badly because they don’t want to admit that they can’t walk very far? Maybe they don’t speak, not because they are being snobby, or because they don’t like you, but because they lack confidence and don’t want to be judged.

You can’t win them all, some people will be snobby, but I am happy living my life seeing the best in people, unless they prove me wrong and, if I can help them improve their situation, or just make some friends, by reaching out to them, that’s a bonus.

Feeding The Baby | Techniques

Feeding The Baby | Techniques

This is a sponsored guest post

Feeding the newborn is tricky. You might not be very efficient at it from the first but can assist you in this process as hundreds of moms share their experience and expertise here that will help you to a great extent.

According to most experts, you should not keep a very rigid schedule for feeding in the first few weeks but you will be able to set a pattern within two months. You could breastfeed the baby or offer the bottle to the baby whenever the baby is hungry, that is at 2-3 hour intervals. This can be repeated till the baby takes in 10 ounces. Never force feed the baby as you might be giving the baby more than they need. The amount of food should be decided by the doctor.

If you are using bottles, nipples, or rings for the first time, make sure that you sterilize them by putting them into boiling water for five minutes and then let it be air dried on a clean towel. After the first use, follow the same process so that the bottle is sterilized for the next use. This process is a must for people using well water as the water itself is sometimes contaminated. Try not boiling any plastic bottles as they contain bisphenol A and many other chemicals and these are released when the bottle is heated. This way the chemicals can get mixed up in your baby’s milk or water. Many baby stores have bottle drying racks and dishwasher baskets for washing nipples.

If your baby likes warm milk, warm up the bottle containing the milk by placing it in a bowl of warm water. Do not put it in boiling water but you could use the bottle warmers available in the market solely for this purpose. You do not need to do through the above process if your baby is ok with drinking water or milk at room temperature. If you are feeding the baby some formula or breast milk in a bottle, never heat it as the heating might cause the breakdown of the nutrients.
Make sure that the baby is drinking properly. Observe very closely. Too much sucking sound while drinking may mean that too much air is being sucked in. so, hold the baby at a 45 degree angle to make her swallow lesser air. Keep the bottle tilted to make the nipple always be filled up with the liquid inside the bottle.

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Butterfly Wall Decals

Butterfly Wall Decals

Sponsored Guest Post

According to my choice, decorating a kids’ room with lots of butterflies is a beautiful idea. Now it is very difficult to buy an open place and a large apartment. Most of the apartments provide a very small place and we have to decorate our room in a perfect way. A kid’s room is an important part of our house. We have to decorate our prince or prince’s room in a perfect manner with stickers.
Decorate the daughter’s room with butterflies
We can decorate our daughter’s room with butterfly stuff and it will create a beautiful and smooth atmosphere around the room. We can decorate the room with butterfly theme.
  • We can use the butterfly designed items in our daughter’s room like, pillow cover, bed sheet and rugs.
  • We can hang some butterflies from the ceiling with linen designing streamers.
  • We can install all the curtains with butterfly prints.
  • Apart from that, we can install butterfly wall decals on the wall. It will complete and cover the totally room and the room will become a butterfly themed room easily.
How should I choose the wall decals for my kid’s room from
  • Firstly, we have to decide the color of our kid’s room. It is better that we do not use the dark or bright color for our kids room because it will reflect maximum light and it is not suitable for our kids’ eyes also. We can ask to our children about their favorite color and we can do the decoration work according to their choice.
  • Using butterfly wall decals are the best options for decoration of the kid’s room. We need not paint these butterflies on the wall. We can buy a bunch of butterfly decals from the online portals and just paste them on the wall as stickers. This process is like a fun game and we can involve our children into the installation process.
  • These butterfly stickers are removable and we can refurnish our kids’ room in feature so easily.
  • Some of the butterfly decals come with a guarantee period and if we place our order in that company then we can contact them for any problem in feature.
  • Most of these decals provide maximum longevity and we can easily use these for a long time basis.
  • Kids are innovative. They always live in a dream world. They like the colorful rainbow sky and they want to fly with the butterflies. So if we decorate our kid’s room with butterflies theme then our kids will play and stay in their imaginative world throughout the time.
  • We can use some radiation butterfly in our kid’s room. These butterflies are invisible during the day but after the light are switched off in the night, all these butterflies will appear automatically. We can place these types of butterflies on the room of our kid’s room and when our kids go to sleep and switch off the light, they can see the beautiful decorative roof with lots of lighting butterflies.
Butterfly wall decals for living room
We can decorate our living room with the butterfly wall decals. This is very easy and simple. We can paste some butterflies wall decals on our living room wall or we can install a colorful tree decal on the wall and paste some butterflies on the different branches of the tree. It will look like a real one and we can add some blossoms also. It will create a colorful theme in our living room.If you apply these butterfly stickers for bathroom, it will show you a different look, also.
Availability and price zone
Wall decals are available in the online shopping portals. We can choose the various designs and color of the wall decals from online and it is better to choose the decals from the custom search. Most of the portals have collection of more than thousand of wall decals and if we want to buy butterfly wall decals from online then we can choose from the custom search systems also.
  • Wall decals are available in various sizes and we have to know about the perfect measurement of our wall. Before placing the order it is mandatory to measure the wall dimension, or the floor dimensions, if the decals are to be pasted on floor.
  • We have to compare the price and the material from the various websites.
  • All the all decals are washable and removable but we have to read the product features before placing the order.
  • We should follow the instruction and installation guidelines for pasting the wall decals on the wall.  

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