Bioderma Kids Skincare | Review

We were sent some Bioderma Kids for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Bioderma is one of those brands I think everyone has heard about now. Bioderma is a big favourite of beauty bloggers the world over and they now have a range for kids too.We were sent the ABCDerm Cleansing Gel (200ml) and the ABCDerm Baby Moisturising Mild Milk Care (200ml) for review.

The cleansing gel is to be used once or twice a day, 7 days a week. It has been developed in accordance with the ABCDerm high-safety and high-tolerance formulation charter and respects all types of skin, thanks to its mild non-stripping cleansing base. You rinse thoroughly with clear water and then dry gently, following up with another product from the ABCDerm range.

The moisturiser is also to be used once or twice a day, 7 days a week. You apply the ABCDerm Hydratant on skin after cleansing with a cleansing product from the ABCDerm range and gently drying. You then need to massage lightly. It can be used on newborns, with the exception of premature infants.

So what did we think of the products?

I am always on the look out for products that will be gentle on Olivia’s skin. Babies skin is so delicate that you really do have to be careful what you use on their body. We have been using the cleansing gel at bathtime and then drying her off before using the moisturiser. I have found that even when she is suffering from a little bit of nappy rash (the perils of teething!), after a bath with the cleanser and some of the moisturiser being used, it calms right down. After all most nappy rash treatments are moisturising, aren’t they?

With the cleansing gel costing £6+ depending on where you buy from and the moisturiser £8+, these prices are a little on the higher end of what I usually pay for kids skincare however you can’t put a price on your babies skin and these truly are gentle and kind.

Have you ever tried any Bioderma products?

Looking Your Best For Christmas

If you’ve got lots of Christmas parties on in the next few days, chances are you are wanting to look your best for Christmas. New clothes, new makeup, new shoes, new accessories. But what if you want to go that extra mile to look your best?

Most people will have got their clothes ready for the festive season and all the accessories and items they need. But some people love to do things last minute. Are you one of those people? Some people like to get cosmetic treatments in the lead up to Christmas – Dore Aesthetics and their treatments seem to be popular with others, especially at this time of year.

 Annie Spratt

But why would you want to consider a cosmetic treatment at all? People choose to have it done to remove pigmented areas of skin, spots and other things that some may consider unsightly. Whilst most people don’t notice the ‘flaws’ of others, it can do a lot to affect your self confidence and you will try anything to feel a little better. Why wouldn’t you do something to make you feel better, especially over the festive season where you are going to be out partying to the crack of dawn most nights?

Once you’ve had your treatment, you can get ready to go and strut your stuff. Make sure to find out if you need any rest time before putting product on your face. Then pop on your face of makeup, pull on your best party dress and lace up those heeled boots. You will be feeling a million dollars and will look it too – and isn’t that what most women want at this time of year, to look special and feel they look special too?

Have you been considering any treatments this week as we hit the last few days before Christmas? What have you got planned – any parties where you can shine as the belle of the ball?


My Swimwear Wishlist

With a plan to lose weight in the New Year, we’ve also got plans to go on a lovely family beach holiday. All too often I cover up as I have lost almost all confidence in myself and my body. If I can get back to my pre pregnancy weight I am hoping that I will be a lot more positive about myself or more open to wearing different clothing. I have been looking at a variety of beachwear, creating a wishlist of items that I would love to wear down at the beach if I manage to lose the weight.

I am unsure whether I would ever have the confidence to wear this but a girl can hope, right? I love a sarong and would happily wear one of them now. I would like to think that I would be able to wear the bikini top with confidence but that remains to be seen.This mini dress is absolutely gorgeous – the colours and pattern are perfect for the beach. Length wise, it is quite a bit shorter than I would normally go for but I used to wear things like this all of the time so I’m hoping to get enough confidence in myself back to be able to wear a mini dress with pride.
I love a maxi dress even now – and these are absolutely perfect for the beach. This one has such a pretty design and great detailing and would be perfect for just chilling out on the beach whilst Steve and the kids are playing in the sea. I have a multitude of maxi dresses in my wardrobe and this one would make a great addition to my collection.Beach pants are a great idea for when you want to chill out on the beach. The pattern on these ones is super bright and colourful and they look super comfy. It is so important to be comfortable when you are on the beach, comfortable in your own skin and confident in yourself. I could definitely see myself wearing these whilst playing on the sand with the kids.

Finally, who doesn’t love a playsuit? I am a big fan of the colour black when it comes to clothes – I really should inject some more colour into my wardrobe – but I also believe black is a staple colour and everybody should have a few classic black pieces. Beachwear is no different. I’d definitely wear this down at the beach whilst chilling out, sunbathing and reading a book or building sandcastles with the kids. It looks super flowing, light, airy and comfortable which is exactly what you want from beachwear!

What do you like to wear at the beach?

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Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to a woman preparing for homecoming night. Here are some of them:


  • Make sure that you only wear your dress once. This means that you do not need to break the bank when you are buying your homecoming dress. Some of the best places to look are bargain stores, online deals, thrift shops, or visit a trusted Chicago dress retail store.
  • Choose a dress that is not very long. It is the fashion code that homecoming dresses should be short because of the time of the year when homecoming is held.
  • Make sure that all of the dancing that you are doing at homecoming is classy. It is important to remember that you are not at a night club so you want to dance like a lady and not a wild woman who is drunk.
  • Get your hair done. Even though you want a professional to do your hair, it is important not to spend too much money on the hairdo. A professional can make sure that your hair looks just as good as the other girls at homecoming.
  • Make sure that everyone is able to split the price of the limo. If someone tries to back out, then tell them that they are not allowed to ride in the limo.
  • Take all of your homecoming pictures with a real camera instead of just the camera on your phone. You are probably going to want to print out these pictures as memories of your high school days.



  • Wearing a strapless dress even if you have a larger chest – This should not be done because the dress will fall down so you just need something that you can put your arms through.
  • Carry a purse that is very huge – This is because you are going to be doing a lot of dancing and walking around with your friends. It is a good idea to carry a small purse to the homecoming dance with you.
  • Wear shoes with very high heels – This goes back to all of the dancing that you are going to be doing. Wearing very high heels are going to be painful and they are not worth the pain. Flats are a lot easier to dance in.
  • Wait until the last minute to buy your homecoming dress – This is because all of the good dresses might be sold out and you will probably end up paying a lot more money for your homecoming dress.
  • Wear a dress that has spaghetti straps – This is because they can cause a lot of problems. Plus, there is a chance of the straps breaking while you are dancing. You definitely do not want to be the girl at the dance with a broken dress.
  • Acting like a wallflower – If you do not have a date for homecoming, it does not mean that you can’t dance. All you have to do is to grab some friends and bust a move on the dance floor.


Remember these do’s and don’ts and have a memorable homecoming.


Clothes Shopping And My Confidence After Pregnancy

I found it incredibly difficult after having Jack to go back to buying non maternity clothes. I found myself drawn towards the designs of the maternity clothes and feeling more comfortable with the fact that they weren’t as tight fitting as non maternity wear. It took me almost two years to finally ditch my maternity jeans and tunic tops and actually go proper clothes shopping for other clothes instead. I don’t want to wait that long this time.

Back when Jack was little, however, I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight. As I now am, I’m going to be in need of new clothes anyway so will be heading into town to buy some new items. My wardrobe is in desperate need of a revamp – I don’t remember the last time I actually had a proper shopping spree – so it is well overdue.

But what do I need? I’m in desperate need of some new jeans – I’m thinking of grabbing a pair from Trilogy as I know they’re good quality. I want to head to places like New Look and H&M to grab some nice tops and Primark to grab some strappy tees and vests to celebrate the summer – and hopefully my weight loss too!

Clothes shopping after pregnancy can be so difficult though – I find myself to be most lacking in confidence when I’ve just had a baby. Although I know I’ve just done something amazing, giving birth to a baby, the flabby tummy can get you down a little bit so I am determined to tone up and lose weight quicker this time and get to where I want to be. By summer I hope to have lost at least the 1.5 stone I lost before pregnancy – and maybe even more. I want to be able to run after my children without running out of breath; I want to be able to push the pushchair up the hills on the school run without having to stop for a break – and most of all, I want a new wardrobe too so I can start feeling confident in myself again. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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