Holiday Shopping for Kids Clothes

It’s that time of the year again. That time when our children are a constant barrage of requests for toys, games, and devices. Instead of giving in to their whims – and we all know that’s what they are – maybe you should take a moment to consider something they need instead of something they want and help make this Christmas memorable.

For instance, we break our kids’ gifts up into four categories: Wants, Needs, Wears, and Reads. That doesn’t mean they only get four presents to open on Christmas morning, it simply means they receive at least one gift that they want, one that they need, one that they’ll wear, and one that they’ll read.

When thinking of the Wear category, think of what types of kids clothes you’ll want this year. There is a wide range of kids clothes from which you can choose. We tend to focus on the necessities, like socks, shoes, pants, and underwear, but there are plenty of other options. For instance, this year we’re getting our seven year-old a new winter coat because that’s what he needs.

The holidays are a great time to get a jump start on swimwear or offseason clothes that your child may need. Sales abound for clothes that won’t be worn for another six months, so be on the lookout for good deals. Or maybe your little one really enjoys a certain cartoon or character. What better time to splurge on a new t-shirt than the holidays? They’ll be excited to sport their favorite character and you’ll add another piece of clothing to their closet.

When it comes to kids clothes, your choices are nearly limitless. Whether it’s a new pair of kicks your child wants or something they need for the upcoming year, take time to shop around and find just the right item to add to your child’s wardrobe.

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How to Style Loungewear

Despite the name, loungewear these days has become so stylish that you can wear it even when you’re not exactly lounging – you cannot put a price on around-the-clock comfort! The sheer range of possible styles that are available can be downright daunting – but we’ve compiled a stress-free list of options on getting your personal style of loungewear down pat. Indeed; many of the options below are actually trendy, and show no signs of slowing down much in the appeal department. Without further ado, let’s check out the suggestions.

Caleb Lucas

The Loose Rules to Looking Fresh in Casual Loungewear

  1. First of all, be aware that there are plenty of stores that carry a multitude of loungewear styles; this necessitates efficiency on your part. This means you should pick just a few from which you intend to get all of your things – especially if you’re still a mall-shopper in this Internet Age. Mall shopping may be necessary at first anyway, because you want to get the sizes correct. Even if you already know your size, be advised that different brands can run large or small, so it’s a good idea to get several measurements down pat.
  2. Colors will make or break your loungewear collection (well, other than having the correct sizes). To this end, it is important that you pick neutral colors or earth tones as befits the general tenor of your existing wardrobe. The neutral color palette is also in anticipation that your wardrobe will be expanding in the future, and you’ll want loungewear to complement or match most of the apparel there. Neutral colors, of course, also make dressing up a breeze when you’re barely awake. Don’t forget to include some snazzy colors for a change-up every once on awhile – lime green or electric blue, as befits your personal style.
  3. One oft-overlooked aspect of loungewear is the accessory aspect. It does wonders, as can be seen when celebrities exit their spacious abodes wearing some designer loungewear or other. A bit of bling really elevates the overall look, since the simplicity of the clothing presents a willing juxtaposition with the eye-catching jewelry. A good necklace enhances your look tremendously, as does a non-matching bracelet (no-matching with the loungewear, so that it stands out easily). Make sure you have a handbag or chic tote with you when going out, so that people don’t actually think you just woke up and are running to the store – unless that is actually the case!
  4. The importance of hair and makeup with this overall getup cannot be understated. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to your favorite do in this regard; much like a businesswoman dressed in the most utilitarian work outfit, but with a lovely hair do and expert makeup on to draw the attention of men and women alike. You can go glam if you want to; but it isn’t necessary to pull out all the stops in the hair and makeup department; just make sure you look more than presentable. Soft romantic makeup can work wonders with a lounge outfit – even if you’re not looking for a special someone.
  5. Shoes are another feature that are of great importance with this particular style of clothing. After all, even with relatively “fancy” loungewear, whatever else you wear will stand out because of the one-piece nature of the attire. As such, you want to take more care in choosing your shoes than you would otherwise. Definitely do not go casual; your outfit is already casual enough; think gladiator pumps or strappy sandals. No sneakers, Ugg boots or flip flops with loungewear – even celebrities can’t make this get-up look like anything other than a snack run to the store.
  6. This next piece of advice is especially important in the fall and winter months: outerwear. Loungewear on its own might not be a part of winter’s essentials, but in the weeks leading up to these you can toss a blazer or chambray top on your outfit without losing an ounce of stylishness. A leather jacket also works very well, depending on the fit – proportions matter very much in general, and even more with this type of outfit. The last thing you want to do is look sloppy and untailored, so keep things reasonably fitted.

Wrapping Up Your Loungewear Look

Hopefully the above gives you a general guideline on letting your casual appearance turn heads while making you feel your most confident. It’s a new age of both comfort and style, where you deserve to look the part without spending a fortune, or feeling uncomfortable in business wear. To enhance your loungewear-centered appearance even further, consider tossing in a scarf or anything else that adds a touch of dressiness to it. Once you’ve got the central piece, your overall style can take over with accessories.


5 Sweater Weather Essentials For The Office

A sweater is a wonderful piece of apparel, in that it performs much of the function of a coat or jacket – but without the attendant bulk. During the warmer months of the year, it can be a lifesaver in the air-conditioned office – especially for women; ad the temperature dips consistently further down, you probably cannot do without at least a few of them for the daily sojourn to work and outside.

Although functionality is the most important aspect of a sweater, presentation is a very close second. A nice knit helps you look and feel better, and so requires a commensurate amount of attention when you’re picking one out. Generally, the method is to plan on getting several sweaters so that you can alternate through them adequately through the next four months of the fall and winter seasons (the bulk of the cold season). As such, let’s start with 5 weather essentials for the office – you can build up by layering if you need even more warmth.

1. The V-Neck Sweater for a Touch of Sophistication

Don’t these just look elegant, all folded and pressed in the display section of the upscale clothing store? You can actually find the V-Neck sweater almost anywhere – with different levels of quality, of course – but you want at least a couple of high quality ones in your closet. These sweaters are perfect for your collar free get-ups, and they are tailor-made for a chinos and wristwatch ensemble. There are simply some places where you cannot reasonably wear a t- shirt or a coat; for these, the simple but solid elegance of the V-Neck sweater will do nicely. It definitely elevates you above the other guys around when you’re looking to make a visual impression.

2. Hoodies

Don’t think for a second that all hoodies are made the same – the Luxe Hoodie is definitely the luxury component of the famous sweater comfort style. Although it’s of a fleece construction, and quite tailored to the more relaxed office wear of the modern era, the Luxe Hoodie speaks of a greater level of elegance when it comes to hoodies that you would never wear it to the gym for a workout.

The look and feel gives it away – it’s very polished, and open to being worn with dress shoes or sneakers. If you choose the former, then you’d better have a professional-looking collared shirt underneath for support. Regardless, the Luxe Hoodies is still casual enough to wear with sneakers occasionally; but since you’d better not be wearing it work out, how often would you expect to do that combination?

Natasha Kasim

3. Striped Sweaters As a Standard of Easy Sophistication

You can’t really go wrong with the striped sweater when it comes to the style realm above the casual; it’s a must-have in any grown man’s closet. The stripes are the trademark, and they can be thin or thick as suits your particular style, or as complements the bulk of your other apparel.

Now that we’ve established that the striped sweater is a necessity; you must ask – why? Because it straightaway changes your dockers, chino pants or dress pants into a full outfit. You can wear a polo shirt with the aforementioned pants and still be considered casual; but by tossing on a striped sweater, you suddenly graduate to refined or classy. Additionally, since, despite the old saying, we all judge a book by its cover, stripes can accomplish several things: if you’re short and you wear a sweater with vertical stripes, it will make you appear taller. If you wear a sweater with horizontal stripes, it will give your chest a more ybulked-up look.

4. The So-Called Throwback Sweater

This is an ode to the decades past, in which you perhaps might have had your favorite style. The old throwback sweater need not be actually old – this just refers to the decade in which it was the standard. It could be the University sweatshirt or the ‘90s knit; it’s still a good choice for those cold office mornings. Toss it on with some modern pants and other accessories for a full outfit.

5. Henleys Aren’t Just for Outdoorsmen

The henley is a tried and true sweater that performs both of its primary functions: warmth without bulk and stylishness. It’s generally regarded as bridging the gap between casual and office-ready attire, which makes it a positive investment. Unless you work at a construction site (in the field; not in the office), you want to stick to single color tones with the henley – otherwise you’ll look like you cut down trees for a living. There’s obviously nothing wrong with unless it’s not the look you’re going for! The henley is thick enough to be considered a sweater, so you can even toss one over your shoulder for when the temperature dips.


How can you style last year’s clothes this season?

Seasons and months fly by and with new seasons comes new trends. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a whole new wardrobe to keep up with the trends though. A few new but key items will go a long way, and you can style your purchases from last year to suit this year! In this guide, we’re looking at how you can use your AW17 wardrobe for AW18.

AW18 womenswear

This season, it is all about layering. If you’re bold enough, the best way to layer is with contrasting colour and textures. Dig out you metallic puffa jacket from last year and wear it over a fringed jumper if you dare.

You can’t ignore animal print either. While Victoria Beckham demonstrated her love for leopard print, other designers such as Isabel Marant were all about the snake patterns. The great thing about this style being in trend is that you can mix and match animal print and still create an outfit that looks well put together – don’t be afraid to give it a go. Leopard print has rarely been out of the spotlight in recent years — why not pair your printed cami dress with snakeskin boots and a matching clutch for ultimate outfit goals?

Thankfully for those who like to snuggle-up, oversized knits and sweaters are also in! The great thing about this year’s trends is that you can pair your grandad knit with your summer dress and still look perfectly on-trend. Miu Miu showed off an outfit that was made up of a green floral midi dress and fluffy grey knit — so there’s no need to pack away your summer clothes just yet!

You might remember that in Christmas 2017, glitter and sparkle was everywhere and this season, the hype around glitz is starting in autumn. Glitz and glamour highlighted Christmas 2017, and we loved it so much that it is coming back for the whole season this year. Paco Rabanne showed off their models in oversized silver sequins that brought some much-loved sparkle to the runway. Make sure you don’t wait until late December to bring your glitter dresses out of the wardrobe, embrace them now too!

Dan Gold

AW18 menswear

Last year, a big outerwear trend for men was shearling – it’s back this year. Giorgio Armani mixed up the textures further with a shearling, suede and leather jacket that looks smart yet cosy for the colder months.

We’re also throwing fashion back to the ‘90s — is this good or bad? You decide! You might’ve thought you’d seen the back of shell suits and full tracksuits, but they’re back with a vengeance. On the catwalk, Prada completed the look with branded bucket hats and lightweight waterproof jackets (ideal for autumn weather).

The leather jacket is back on the catwalk for its annual appearance. Instead of the shorter bomber style though, this season it’s all about oversized leather coats that can be paired with slim-leg jeans and winter boots. Fendi, Balenciaga and Paul Smith were all rocking the look during their AW18 shows this season.

Unsure which colours are in this season? It’s all about those autumnal browns. From a brown men’s shirt to a snuggly oversized poncho, the brown colour palette is so versatile. But if you don’t want to overdo this shade, you can keep it simple with brown accessories such as hats, scarves and shoes to get in with the trend. Don’t forget that a simple men’s white shirt can be just as fashionable.

Perfect for staying cosy, layering is back this season as we mentioned before. It’s all about bringing together different garments in an effortlessly stylish sort of way. You might not have worn a V-neck in a few years but bring it out this year and slip it on top of a roll-neck jumper for an on-trend outfit. Other ways to layer include pairing an open checked shirt (a print that was everywhere in AW17) with a graphic t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

Make sure you are AW18 ready with our top tips!


Choosing The Right Christmas Gifts For The Men In My Life

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Now I don’t know about you but I’m really starting to panic about Christmas. I’ve got some gifts sorted  – a few things each for the kids, a couple of things for my mum, something for Steve’s mum and a couple of things each for Steve’s dad and brother – but I’ve got absolutely nothing sorted for Steve. I’m not sure if it is just me but I always struggle to buy for the men in my life.

When my Dad was alive, I used to opt for the same things every year because that is what he asked for – if he had asked me to surprise him, I wouldn’t have known where to start. I actually had some ideas for Steve a couple of weeks ago but Steve saw some fantastic deals on some things he wanted online and got them for himself… the exact same things I had planned to get him for Christmas. Back to the drawing board I went.

Something I have been considering for Steve and perhaps as an extra gift for his brother – and perhaps even some of the kid’s clothing for Jack – is the clothing available at Dsquared clothing.  The brand was formed in 1994 and is the brainchild of Canadian twins Dan and Dean Caten. They offer fashionable and affordable clothing and accessories; accessories being something they are well known for. Something that I think either Steve or his brother would like in particular a Men’s Dsquared cap – they’re cool and fashionable and something either of them would wear. Neither of them really wear designer items but as Christmas is a time for giving, it would be lovely to gift them such a nice present.

Kira auf der Heide

As well as some fashion clothing and accessories, I’m considering getting Steve some aftershave as what goes better with some new clothing than a lovely new fragrance to go alongside it? The problem is that Steve is so blase when it comes to what he wants and what types of fragrance he likes that I generally tend to wing it when buying an aftershave and hope for the best!

Finally, I’ll have to get him some edible gifts I think – we always get him a massive Toblerone from the kids every Christmas so that will have to be bought and I always get him some cheese and chutneys because I know he loves them and it is something he will enjoy. However, I want to think a little outside of the box this year too and get him something that he will love that is also a big surprise for him.

Do you find gift giving difficult sometimes? Is there anyone in particular that you find it hard to buy for? I swear Steve is always hard to buy for but every year, there’s always someone else that I am completely stumped on. This year it’s me – family keep asking what I want and I just don’t know. Here’s hoping I can get my gifts sorted for my family and friends and maybe, just maybe, I will end up working what I want too.

What gifts are you giving this Christmas?