Suffering Hair Loss as A New Mother? No Need to Worry Too Much

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Hair loss as a new mother is quite common. If you have nurtured long and lustrous hair throughout your pregnancy, it may be a shock when your hair starts to fall out after pregnancy.

During the first weeks of motherhood, you will be happy and joyous about your newborn to even worry about how your hair looks like.

This is until the hair reminds you by starting to fall out in clumps. However, this is not another nail in the pre-baby appearance coffin.

There are solutions and effective remedies to help you out. This article goes through why you need not to worry too much if you are suffering hair loss as a new mother.

Are you suffering hair loss as a new mother?

No need to worry too much. According to health care professionals, the causes of hair loss after pregnancy is related to hormonal changes.

The body experiences increasing levels of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy. This causes the hair to remain in an on-going growth stage creating more lustrous and thicker strands.

After childbirth, these hormones decrease tremendously in the following months. The hair will remain in the resting stage for about three months then start falling out. New growth will show itself along the hairline in the form of baby bangs.

Is it normal or?

Majority of new mothers are confused about how much hair loss is normal. If you find surplus strands clogging your shower drain or on your pillow, there is no need to worry too much.

When you have not had a baby, it is normal to lose approximately 80 hairs a day. However, new mothers may shed about four hundred hairs daily.

You should hence not worry too much if you find yourself losing this amount of hair. The hair loss should slow down to pre-pregnancy levels in about six months after giving birth.

In case the shedding does not slow after six months, this may serve as an indicator that there are other health indicators are at play.

In this case, you can tell the doctor about the issue of excessive hair loss. Pregnancy can alter the ferritin levels and may place your thyroid out of whack making it essential to carry out blood tests. Ferritin is a blood protein that helps in iron storage.

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Pregnancy Is Not the Only Reason

If your hair loss is not as a result of giving birth, several other causes may cause hair loss.

These include high fever, undergone an operation, stopped taking birth control pills, lost more than twenty pounds of weight and recovery from illness.

If you have undergone a lot of stress, you can suffer from long-term excessive hair loss.

Anxiety is a reason to postpartum hair loss, and some blog sites like The Wife Choice offer quite a lot of solutions to make new mothers’ life easier and help reduce their anxiety.

Drug and treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy treatments often cause hair loss which regrows after the treatment stops.

Women with hereditary hair loss will often suffer from gradual and continuous hair loss after pregnancy. If the woman has inherited the genes of hereditary hair loss, she may suffer from gradual thinning.  

Are there solutions for hair loss as a new mother?

Taking good care of the newborn is stressful and puts your body in a lot of strain. This is the same case as breastfeeding.

The best thing you need to do is first ensuring you blood iron, sugar, vitamin D, ferritin and zinc levels are normal.

More so, you need to do everything you can to reduce stress. This is easier to say than to do when you are taking care of a newborn.

A healthy diet with lots of proteins will help in hair regrowth. Eggs, fish, lentils, and tofu are good sources of proteins.

There are prenatal vitamin supplements to supply vitamin D that helps in controlling post-pregnant hair loss. Eating healthy foods after pregnancy is effective in keeping your hair healthy.

Does Shampooing Help?

According to the majority of people, they think that shampooing will reduce hair loss.

However, the frequency of shampooing your hair will not affect the amount of hair you lose.

The hair that is ready to fall out will fall out. To prevent excessive hair loss, you need to be extra gentle during this after pregnancy shedding season.

You should shampoo the hair when necessary that is if you have the time to shampoo at all.

Also, to minimize tangling, you need to use a fine wide-toothed comb and a perfect conditioner. Instead of using rubber bands, you should use barrettes or scrunchies to put your hair up.

Avoid pulling your hair into tight ponytails. You should also put off any chemically based treatments until the hair stops to fall off.

Curling, flat irons and skip blow-dryers should be skipped.  Try to use a shorter hairstyle and avoid to use heat directly on your hair.

It Is Important for Women to Embrace Change

After some months of hair loss, your hair will start to grow back.

You may note that there is a difference in texture, color, and condition of your hair from the one that you had before having a newborn.

The hair changes slowly and naturally over time in a seven-year cycle. It is a pregnancy that speeds up this process making it seem to change overnight presenting a bit of shock.

If your regrown hair is different, you may need to embrace it by rethinking your hairstyle and adjusting to unfamiliar thickness.

If your hair appears to greyish, you can start coloring your hair. Alternatively, pregnancy can bring you a positive effect on your appearance.

Some women who have had weak tresses of hair previously have enjoyed the best hair after having a newborn.


As the due birth date draws near, you are looking forward to losing your extra baby weight and a big belly.

But there is one thing you may not wish to lose, that is your shiny and thick lustrous hair.

However, as stated above, postpartum hair losses normal and you don’t have to worry anymore.

But if you continue to see clumps of hair in your hairbrush after your baby hits the first birthday, you will require to talk to a dermatologist to ensure there is no additional cause for your hair loss.

Mum & Daughter Twinning With Love Leggings

We were sent a couple of pairs of leggings for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I spend a lot of my life in leggings. I just find them super comfortable, a good fit and something easy to put on in the morning. Whilst Olivia is often in dresses and jeans, she also has a selection of leggings to choose from. When given the opportunity to review a couple of pairs of leggings from Love Leggings, I had to say yes – and got us the same pair in our respective sizes so we could do some mum and daughter twinning.

Love Leggings are a newly launched clothing brand who hope to become the home of leggings. I love the idea of a one stop shop for leggings so this sounded great to me. Not only do they produce everyday leggings that are good quality, comfortable and non see through but they also produce maternity leggings, children’s leggings, sports leggings and tights! Everything you could possibly ever need.

I opted for the Acai Purple High Waisted leggings for me, retailing at £13.50 and the Acai Purple Full Length leggings for Olivia, retailing at £8.50. Purple is Olivia’s favourite colour and one of mine and they seemed like the perfect choice. I usually tend to stick to black leggings so purple was a bit of a venture outside of my comfort zone – I wasn’t brave enough to try the really bright colours though!
When it comes to leggings, I look for comfort and good quality. These leggings are very comfortable, super soft and lovely to wear. When it comes to clothing, I always wash the items a couple of times before making a judgement on their quality. These have been through the wash a couple of times now and I’m very impressed. Some other leggings I’ve bought in the past aren’t as comfortable and lose some of their softness after washing but I am happy to report that these are just the same as when they were brand new.

Olivia’s leggings are very much the same in terms of comfort and quality. They fit her well and she absolutely adores them – probably because they’re purple! She’s always showing off her ‘purple legs’ to people! I find purple is a colour that really suits her and I find that she wears these well. They’re also such an affordable price for such good quality clothing.

I’ll definitely be heading back to Love Leggings to get myself (and Olivia!) some more leggings – and now I am back on my weight loss journey, I might even treat myself to some sports leggings too! I’ve heard good things about them already.

Have you checked out Love Leggings yet?

Exploring Your Laser Hair Removal Candidacy

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You have probably heard the buzz about laser hair removal. It has been a popular method for removing unwanted hair for many years. However, hearing about it and determining if you are a good candidate for it are two very different things. To decide if it is right for you, you must understand the intricacies of the procedure.

How Laser Hair Removal Devices Target Hairs
Most laser hair removal devices target hairs because they are designed to hone in on the dark pigment in dark hair follicles. For that reason, a typical laser hair removal is best performed if you have light skin. That way your darker hairs will stand out. There are laser devices that can treat darker skin with some degree of success. However, they do have limitations. Therefore, you must talk to your skincare clinician to see if you are a good candidate.

One issue with laser treatments for dark skin is the lasers target the melanin in each hair, as well as the skin. Melanin is a substance that gives hair and skin coloration. If you have dark skin and the laser manipulates too much melanin, you can develop patches of lighter skin in the treatment area. That is why you must have a specialized treatment designed for dark skin and conducted by a trained clinician.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Type
Your skin type can also affect your laser hair removal candidacy. That is because hair-removal equipment produces both light and heat. If your skin is too oily, the heat can react with your skin oils, causing you to develop burns or blisters. The thickness of your skin may also impact your chances of laser hair removal success, so you must discuss your options with your clinician before scheduling an appointment.

Manki Kim

How Soon You Should Expect Laser Hair Removal Results
Another factor influencing your laser hair removal candidacy is how soon you want to see results. An individual laser hair removal appointment is quite short, generally lasting less than an hour. Some hairs may fall out 10 to 14 days after treatment. However, it can take many sessions spread over several weeks before all the hairs actually fall out. If you are looking for immediate hair removal results, a standard method like waxing or shaving is a better option.

How Long You Want the Hair to Stay Gone
If your biggest concern is how long the hair will stay gone once it falls out, laser hair removal might be right for you. In some cases, it can take months for hairs to regrow after treatment. However, results are different for everyone. Nevertheless, since regrowth occurs within a couple days after shaving, laser hair removal is an improvement, if you are trying to spend the least amount of time possible focusing on hair removal treatments over all.

Consider the Cost of Laser Hair Removal
A final issue that may affect your laser hair removal candidacy is cost. A single session can cost up to $2,000 and, in rare instances, more. However, the exact cost depends on the part of your body you want treated and the specific clinic you select. Since prices vary widely, do not assume you can’t afford the treatment before checking with local clinics. You may find a treatment within your budget, especially if you do not live in a major city where such treatments are widely popular. But do not sacrifice quality for cost. Always check the reputation of the clinic before having a treatment performed.

Holiday Shopping for Kids Clothes

It’s that time of the year again. That time when our children are a constant barrage of requests for toys, games, and devices. Instead of giving in to their whims – and we all know that’s what they are – maybe you should take a moment to consider something they need instead of something they want and help make this Christmas memorable.

For instance, we break our kids’ gifts up into four categories: Wants, Needs, Wears, and Reads. That doesn’t mean they only get four presents to open on Christmas morning, it simply means they receive at least one gift that they want, one that they need, one that they’ll wear, and one that they’ll read.

When thinking of the Wear category, think of what types of kids clothes you’ll want this year. There is a wide range of kids clothes from which you can choose. We tend to focus on the necessities, like socks, shoes, pants, and underwear, but there are plenty of other options. For instance, this year we’re getting our seven year-old a new winter coat because that’s what he needs.

The holidays are a great time to get a jump start on swimwear or offseason clothes that your child may need. Sales abound for clothes that won’t be worn for another six months, so be on the lookout for good deals. Or maybe your little one really enjoys a certain cartoon or character. What better time to splurge on a new t-shirt than the holidays? They’ll be excited to sport their favorite character and you’ll add another piece of clothing to their closet.

When it comes to kids clothes, your choices are nearly limitless. Whether it’s a new pair of kicks your child wants or something they need for the upcoming year, take time to shop around and find just the right item to add to your child’s wardrobe.

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How to Style Loungewear

Despite the name, loungewear these days has become so stylish that you can wear it even when you’re not exactly lounging – you cannot put a price on around-the-clock comfort! The sheer range of possible styles that are available can be downright daunting – but we’ve compiled a stress-free list of options on getting your personal style of loungewear down pat. Indeed; many of the options below are actually trendy, and show no signs of slowing down much in the appeal department. Without further ado, let’s check out the suggestions.

Caleb Lucas

The Loose Rules to Looking Fresh in Casual Loungewear

  1. First of all, be aware that there are plenty of stores that carry a multitude of loungewear styles; this necessitates efficiency on your part. This means you should pick just a few from which you intend to get all of your things – especially if you’re still a mall-shopper in this Internet Age. Mall shopping may be necessary at first anyway, because you want to get the sizes correct. Even if you already know your size, be advised that different brands can run large or small, so it’s a good idea to get several measurements down pat.
  2. Colors will make or break your loungewear collection (well, other than having the correct sizes). To this end, it is important that you pick neutral colors or earth tones as befits the general tenor of your existing wardrobe. The neutral color palette is also in anticipation that your wardrobe will be expanding in the future, and you’ll want loungewear to complement or match most of the apparel there. Neutral colors, of course, also make dressing up a breeze when you’re barely awake. Don’t forget to include some snazzy colors for a change-up every once on awhile – lime green or electric blue, as befits your personal style.
  3. One oft-overlooked aspect of loungewear is the accessory aspect. It does wonders, as can be seen when celebrities exit their spacious abodes wearing some designer loungewear or other. A bit of bling really elevates the overall look, since the simplicity of the clothing presents a willing juxtaposition with the eye-catching jewelry. A good necklace enhances your look tremendously, as does a non-matching bracelet (no-matching with the loungewear, so that it stands out easily). Make sure you have a handbag or chic tote with you when going out, so that people don’t actually think you just woke up and are running to the store – unless that is actually the case!
  4. The importance of hair and makeup with this overall getup cannot be understated. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to your favorite do in this regard; much like a businesswoman dressed in the most utilitarian work outfit, but with a lovely hair do and expert makeup on to draw the attention of men and women alike. You can go glam if you want to; but it isn’t necessary to pull out all the stops in the hair and makeup department; just make sure you look more than presentable. Soft romantic makeup can work wonders with a lounge outfit – even if you’re not looking for a special someone.
  5. Shoes are another feature that are of great importance with this particular style of clothing. After all, even with relatively “fancy” loungewear, whatever else you wear will stand out because of the one-piece nature of the attire. As such, you want to take more care in choosing your shoes than you would otherwise. Definitely do not go casual; your outfit is already casual enough; think gladiator pumps or strappy sandals. No sneakers, Ugg boots or flip flops with loungewear – even celebrities can’t make this get-up look like anything other than a snack run to the store.
  6. This next piece of advice is especially important in the fall and winter months: outerwear. Loungewear on its own might not be a part of winter’s essentials, but in the weeks leading up to these you can toss a blazer or chambray top on your outfit without losing an ounce of stylishness. A leather jacket also works very well, depending on the fit – proportions matter very much in general, and even more with this type of outfit. The last thing you want to do is look sloppy and untailored, so keep things reasonably fitted.

Wrapping Up Your Loungewear Look

Hopefully the above gives you a general guideline on letting your casual appearance turn heads while making you feel your most confident. It’s a new age of both comfort and style, where you deserve to look the part without spending a fortune, or feeling uncomfortable in business wear. To enhance your loungewear-centered appearance even further, consider tossing in a scarf or anything else that adds a touch of dressiness to it. Once you’ve got the central piece, your overall style can take over with accessories.