Can Replacing Your Car Save You Money?

Whether you are driving a large estate or a sports car, you might need to think through your motoring habits and check whether your current vehicle still serves your needs, and if it is worth to keep. With the green developments in the industry and great offers on new and second-hand cars, you might be able to save hundreds a year if you swapped your car. Below you will find some help on conducting a reality check.

Repair Costs

In case you have been spending on your car in the past year, and getting it through the regular tests was a struggle, you might be wasting your money on something that can let you down any time from now. You might be better off with a car that is reliable and still has warranty. This will not only reduce your costs, but also give you the peace of mind that you can take a road trip any time without having to worry about a breakdown.

Current Value

You should also consider how much your current car is worth, and whether it is a good value for money. Some cars are overpriced, and you will find plenty of problems with them that will reduce their price over time rapidly. However, if you own a Japanese car, it might be holding its value better, so you can get yourself a good deal on a newer, more comfortable model. Check the retained value comparison of cars before you make your decision.

Fuel Costs

In case your car gobbles up gas and you get fewer miles per filling up each time, you should talk to your mechanic whether you should get it repaired or change it. Older cars are not designed with fuel economy in mind, so you could save a lot of money switching to a greener model. If you are commuting to work daily or take day trips with the kids, you should be searching for a greener family car that is safe and reliable, as well as economical.

Car Insurance

Depending on the size, power, and age of your car, you will be quoted different insurance premiums. Before you make up your mind whether or not you should change, you should compare the car insurance deals on the models you have in mind at GoCompare so you can calculate your savings and return on investment.


You might be driving a car that is bigger than you need. This will not only increase your running costs and insurance, but also make it harder for you to fit into tight spaces. A compact car with loads of boot space can be perfect for busy families, while fuel efficient SUVs are great for those who commute to work and enjoy long road trips.  

Whether your old car has been a family member for a long time and it would be hard to say goodbye, or you are searching for better safety features, improved fuel economy, you should think your options through, list the pros and cons, and make your final decision.


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