How Can You Increase Your Households Value?

Collaborative Post

When we own a house, we don’t often think of how we can increase its value when we first buy it – but as the years go by and our requirements change, sometimes our attention starts to focus on making the house work better for us – and bringing its value up through a variety of different ways.

Balustrade Components have created this infographic with some top tips for how to increase your household’s value.  Did you know that whilst kitchens and bathrooms are probably the most costly to do up, the renovations pretty much pay for themselves in the long run! Adding an extra bathroom can even add up to 6% to the property value, as can an attractive kitchen – is it any wonder these are the rooms most people tend to renovate?

Its also interesting to see how people pay for their renovations – over half use their savings and I don’t blame them, renovations are totally an investment! Did you know of these ways to add value to your property – have you ever completed any renovation work on your home?

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