My Business Aims For 2018

2018 is fast approaching and I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in my working life in the next year. There has been a lot of changes this year and I’ve had my most successful year to date but there is so much more I want to achieve in the year ahead.

Grow my socials

My social medias have grown exponentially this year and I would like to continue that growth, especially on Instagram. I am starting to see some referrals from there and I have even managed to gain some business from there through word of mouth. I’ve even had a few people contact me asking me to host giveaways and publish sponsored content on there which is brand new this year and very exciting.

Interact more

This includes networking more and attending more events. I also plan on taking advantage of my local co working office spaces. I know plenty of people in my local village community business group have been using them and rave about them. Using an office space like Signature Works would be perfect – businesses of all sizes can come together, work together and help each other grow. Networking is so important so I believe this would be really beneficial for my business – and it would get me out of the house! There are so many advantages to Signature Works as an office space – free gym membership, a free privilege rewards card, access to an Incubator panel and so much more. Hopefully my local area will provide such a great space too.


Increase my income

Who wouldn’t want to do this?? My income has grown plenty this year and I am so excited to see what I can achieve in 2018 as well. I’ve lost clients – as do we all when your priorities change – and gained many new ones – plenty who are regular and pay well. As well as blog work and freelance writing and proofreading, I have now branched out into virtual assistant tasks and have quite a few happy people (mostly fellow bloggers) on my books. I love working for them and hope for it to continue into 2018 and more.

Add another string to my bow

I’ve been thinking about what else I have to offer and I am hoping that 2018 is finally the year I write a book – whether it is the fiction one I’ve been writing for years or a non fiction one I’ve been thinking about -, that it is finally the year I place somewhere in writing competitions and add another string to my writing repertoire bow, perhaps branch out into something new entirely. Who knows? I’m excited to learn new skills too and put them into use for the benefit of myself and my family.

Maybe one day with the new skills I have I will be able to move my office out of the home and employ other people, utilising time and attendance systems for my staff. A girl can dream, right?

These are just a few of my business aims for 2018 – do you have any that you would like to share with me? I’ve had such a great 2017 business wise (although 2017 could have been a little better personal wise, but that is a whole other story) and I’m hoping 2018 is much the same, if not better!

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