Books: From Dust To Dust and a Lifetime In Between by Katherine Anne Lee

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted a book review up on here! I generally tend to review over on Hanging On Every Word or guest reviewing for My Keeper Shelf but I have a bookish treat for you today. I was kindly given the opportunity to read From Dust To Dust and a Lifetime In Between by Katherine Anne Lee and it seemed like it would be a good read so I agreed – I wasn’t wrong!


This book is written by Katherine Anne Lee who happens to be the main character’s granddaughter. Inspired by true events, this book follows her grandmother Mary (‘Mollie’) Cooke from her childhood to her eventual death. Mollie has somewhat of a turbulent life with her first husband tragically dying just after the war has ended as the military stabilised everywhere. Mollie also has to climb over many other obstacles in her eventful life and these are all documented in the book.

Katherine herself doesn’t feature too much in the book until the last few pages – Katherine actually lives in Switzerland and her move out there with her parents and brother is well documented in the book. It is nice to find out a little more about the author through her grandmothers eyes though and it is nice that Katherine has made her grandmothers dream come true by actually writing this all down and actually turning it into a book.

I am a big fan of both general fiction and autobiographies so this book was an easy read for me – I finished it within a few hours! As it is inspired by true events, most of the story is true however the conversations people have within the book are obviously worded how the author expects they were said – after all, only the people involved could know exactly what was said and it is unlikely Mollie could remember every single conversation she had that was mentioned in the book. This doesn’t detract from the story however – it is quite nice to merge the two genres like this and I found myself turning each page faster and faster to find out what happened next.

In this day and age, we are so used to certain situations in life but sometimes we choose not to believe it. Seeing it all laid bare in this book definitely does get you thinking – this happened to someone, a real person not a character, and it definitely shakes you back to reality. Subjects such as loss, parenthood, cancer and more are all heavily documented in the book and I must admit I shed a tear at parts. 

Katherine has captured the essence of her grandmother perfectly – of course, every granddaughter will want to cast their grandmother in a good light and Katherine does this but she doesn’t take away the ups and downs of Mollie’s life. It is easy to see that Mollie was dedicated to her family but also felt resentment and disappointment at times.

This book is unlike any I have read before and I liked the fact that I cared about Mollie from the very first page when she asked the reader to call her Mollie – this line instantly gets the reader involved and keeps them reading! If I had to give a star rating, I would give this a 4. It is definitely one of my top books that I read in 2013.

From Dust To Dust can be bought in Kindle for £5.58 or paperback form for £12.99 here,

What books did you love in 2013?

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