Blogging Goals for 2014

I recently saw a post on Noor’s blog talking about her blogging goals for 2014 and I thought this would be a nice post to write – after all, everyone wants to improve their blog, right?

1. Get a new camera – mine seems to be on its last legs as it isn’t just used exclusively for blogging. I want to find something affordable but decent.

2. Utilise my time better – Since going freelance, I find myself pushing blogging to one side in order to reach deadlines and spend time with my family. Of course, both of these are things are more important than blogging however I really need to get back into the habit of writing a few posts at a time and then scheduling them.

3. Make the effort to go to more events – I often get invited to places, sometimes last minute, which is a pain as I then have to arrange childcare quick sharp if I want to go. I need to sort out a calendar of available dates and keep it on my desk so if I do get a last minute email, I know someone can look after Jack and I can go. Of course, events aren’t everything but as most parents will know, it is nice to get out and have some adult conversation once in a while!

4. Enjoy it more – I have been getting a little disillusioned with blogging recently but seemed to get my love for it back over the Christmas period – I now have ideas coming out of my ears and am focusing on going back to basics.

5. Don’t worry if I miss a day of posting – Although I want to utilise my time better, that doesn’t mean I need to post every day. I need to keep telling myself this otherwise I come down very hard on myself!

What goals have you set for your blog come 2014?

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  1. Great blogging goals and very realistic.
    For those that blogging is a mere hobby and have families and full time jobs to adhere too, it can be stressful.
    I wouldn't kick yourself for not posting daily. Blogging is surely more about content and readability, rather than a daily need. Focus on that if anything. (true words i intend to follow myself in 2014.)


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