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These items were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Now if you haven’t heard of Baby Shark, you must have been living under a rock. It is a song/video that is played in my house at least twice a day – if not more – and both my kids love it, especially Olivia. With the news that a range of plush toys was going to be released, I just knew Olivia would love them and we were kindly sent some items from the new range from WowWee.

We were kindly sent Daddy Shark (one of the Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Talking 25cm plushes – you can choose between Daddy, Mummy and Baby) and Baby Shark (one of the Baby Shark Family Sound Cubes – there is the choice of Daddy, Mummy or Baby once again).

The talking/singing 25cm plush sings an extract from the hit song. For ages 2 and up, this retails at £15 which I consider a great price. What I like about this is that you squeeze the shark once to play the music and squeeze again to stop it – if you don’t want to listen to the song for the millionth time in a row, you don’t have to wait until the end of the song before silence!

The family sound cube is much the same in terms of it playing an extract from the song and you can squeeze once to play the music and again to stop. These are also for ages 2 and up and retail at £7 – these are a great option if you don’t want to buy the bigger plush.

So what were the kids thoughts? Well, they loved them. They are super soft and cuddly and feel really good quality. As a parent, I love that you can switch them on and off and that they keep my children entertained.  It is easy to see how the YouTube video amassed so many hits – over 2 billion views at last count – and how it managed to become a top 10 hit in the UK. It is such a catchy song that gets you up and moving – everyone knows the moves, right?

Olivia and Jack already want to get the other singing plushes and the cubes – I am tempted to get them as I know they would love them but do I really want six renditions of the song blasting at the same time? I’m not sure!

You can buy the new Baby Shark plushes at The Entertainer and other toy shops now. Are your children fans of Baby Shark?

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  1. The squeeze on and off would be a bonus feature for me as I know how much songs drive you insane when you’ve heard them for the millionth time in the space of a day! Cute designs and I’m glad Olivia and jack love them.

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