Baby Clementoni Baby T-Rex Pink | Review

We were sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Olivia is really getting into her toys now, really interacting well with them. When offered the chance to review some toys from Clementoni, I jumped at the chance – I couldn’t wait to see how she was with them.

For our first item, we were sent the Baby Clementoni Baby T-Rex Pink. Suitable for ages 12-36 months, this is the perfect age related toy for Olivia. It has two playing modes and claims to help teach first numbers, first letters and the names of animals. It also talks, walks and turns as it moves up and down. You can start the movement by pressing a button or shaking the rattle to activate the movement. Baby T-Rex Pink is a friendly dinosaur cub who also comes with lots of songs and nursery rhymes.

It has been wonderful seeing Olivia interact with the T-Rex cub. She was a little dubious at first, especially when the dinosaur cub was moving towards her – she kept running away and shrieking – although not in genuine terror, just a little unsure of why it was moving. Once she got used to it though, she couldn’t be kept away from it.

When it comes to toys for Olivia, I tend to look for those that help her to learn as well as being fun to play with. She has the odd cuddly toy and a few other toys that I wouldn’t say are educational but the majority of the toys she has now and will be getting for her birthday and Christmas have an element of learning to them. I think this age group is the perfect age group for them to learn so much. Every day she astounds me with the new things she has learned to do or say. I often put this down to the toys she plays with – whilst we also interact with her and try to teach her things, it is fascinating to watch her play alone and see how she interacts with her playthings.

I’ve noticed a difference in her since she started playing with the T-Rex for sure. She has started singing songs more – not just bobbing her head along or shaking her hips but actually singing. She has been attempting the alphabet and whilst she doesn’t necessarily get them in the right order, she certainly gives saying the letters a try. Her knowledge of animal sounds has also come on leaps and bounds since she started playing with this toy too which I’m assuming has come from her time spent playing with it.

She is absolutely fascinated by the toy and loves playing with it. It is often the one toy she brings to me to switch on and she will sit down quite happily, playing with it by herself.

If you’re buying a gift for a little one between 12-36 months this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the Baby Clementoni Baby T-Rex Pink (available at Amazon here affiliate link). It is an affordable price and great for helping little ones take their first steps in learning. Olivia is 22 months and has learned such a lot from this toy, I’m really rather grateful.  Do you tend to buy educational toys for your little ones?

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  1. I love toys that have a range of educational things like learning numbers and animal noises. I think Mia would absolutely love this toy and Im glad olivia loves it and has started singing along to songs

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