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Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

My kids love dolls. When I was little, I loved my dolls too and I am always so amazed by how different dolls are nowadays to the dolls I had when I was a kid. When asked if we would like to review a Baby Annabell from the range, we said yes. Meant to be for ages 3+, I knew that the kids would love it but didn’t foresee just how much one particular child would love it…

We received the Baby Annabell Interactive which retails at £54.99. Just like a real baby with real sounds and movements, I couldn’t wait to see what the kids thought of her. She comes with a nappy, a cute pendant, a dummy, a bottle and a bib. When they say realistic sounds and movements, they certainly aren’t lying. A couple of times when Annabell started crying or giggling, Jack actually thought it was his sister!

Now I originally thought that Jack would be the one reviewing but Olivia took more than a little shine to Annabell and started taking her absolutely everywhere, feeding her bottles and giving her her dummy when she started crying. As you can see from the pictures, she really took care of Annabell and absolutely adored her.Annabell is said to promote imaginative role play and encourage the development of social skills from a young age with eight lifelike functions. I know she is meant to be for 3+ but I wasn’t going to stop Olivia from playing with her and it was lovely to see how her and her brother took turns in looking after Annabell when Annabell required their attention.So what does Annabell do that is just like a real baby? She really wets her nappy and uses her potty, she sucks on her dummy and bottle with realistic sounds and movement, she babbles like a real baby does and coos, she burps, she yawns, she falls asleep and cries real tears. She is very responsive to touch and movement which is great for someone like Olivia who loves the interaction. Whilst this isn’t the most affordable doll on the market, it is definitely worth every single penny. Not only is it part of the prestigious Baby Annabell range but it also has such a wide range of interactive capabilities that your children will never ever be bored! I often find the kids grabbing Annabell from the toy basket and switching her switch on, ready for another round of looking after her. I think if I let them, they’d keep her switched on all the time and only play with her!

We are hoping to get a few more accessories for her soon – do you have a Baby Annabell doll? What would you suggest?

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