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Item sent for purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When it comes to nappies, each parent and child tends to have a different experience. My mum swore by a certain brand with me and I swore by it with Jack before trying some of the supermarket alternatives and just switching by what was on offer. This time around, we decided to try out whatever was on offer and see what worked best for us and just alternate between those.

We were recently sent some Asda Little Angels nappies to review. We were sent the smallest size which was technically less than Olivia’s birth weight but I requested this size due to the amount of weight Olivia lost after birth – all babies lose some of their birth weight but with everything that was going on around the time of her birth and our feeding struggles, she lost quite a lot more than you would usually expect and needed the smallest size nappies as everything else was far too big for her.

Claiming to be ‘softer than the leading brand’, these nappies are super soft and fit very well. With 24 nappies in a newborn pack, one pack should easily last you a good few days – it did us. The nappies are designed to prevent umbilical irritation which is so important with a newborn baby (and these definitely helped with Olivia – she actually got an infection in her cord from where the midwife moved it too far up and it got rubbed by the nappy – once we switched to these nappies, there was no rubbing at all).

The nappies also have a time to change wetness indicator. Whilst I’m pretty sure we all know when our children definitely need a nappy change, this is a great indicator for when they have done even the smallest wee so you can quickly change them and get them comfortable once again.

Another bonus to this product is that as a result of the sale of Little Angels nappies, an annual donation of Β£100,000 is going to be donated to Tommy’s, a charity which is incredibly close to my heart.

Overall, we have been very impressed with Little Angels nappies and will continue to use them in the future – they’re soft, good quality and affordable too, what’s not to love?

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