Are You Eligible For Help To Buy?

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With us hopefully going to be buying a house for the first time before the end of next year, there are many things to consider. How much of a deposit we need, what help there is in place, what type of mortgage we want, what type of house we want, the location. There is literally so much to think of that it can be a little overwhelming at times!

Ellison Thomas aim to help with this and have created a handy resource for first time buyers. They have also put together this infographic too that helps you work out whether you are eligible for help to buy.

We have previously tried to purchase a home but it all fell through so we will, in fact, be first time buyers. Back then we weren’t eligible for Help To Buy as we had opened and paid into ISA’s but this time around, we should be so will definitely be seeing what help we can get with the scheme.

The road to buying has been a long and bumpy one but hopefully we will soon be in our very own property, one that we can call our own. With the help to buy scheme, this should make our journey even easier! We are still very low on funds when it comes to a deposit but should hopefully receive some inheritance that will help us. Whilst we are waiting a little while for our credit scores to get a little better and increase our chances of getting a mortgage, we will be moving some into another account so depositing into a Help To Buy ISA makes total sense. I’ll keep you updated on our journey as it continues!

Are you going to be a first time buyer? Are you eligible for the scheme?

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