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It is 2018 but still, people don’t understand anxiety and stress amongst their friends and family. I see it all the time in my life, with people always asking what I have to be anxious about when everything is so great in my life and I get to do so many nice things with Tilly. But just because I do nice things and I am very very lucky with the things that my blog brings to me, it doesn’t mean that it takes my anxiety away. People look at me as if I’m faking it and just after some quick attention.

Anxiety is a real thing and whether you know it or not everybody suffers from anxiety at some time in their life. When Kim was taking her A Levels she didn’t outwardly look like she was suffering from stress or anxiety but suddenly she became very ill and worried as all about how she was coping with the exams. She was under a lot of pressure to pass her exams to get her place at a university that she wanted to go to go to but at the same time, she didn’t want to worry me because I had a new baby. Luckily we learnt from this experience and she sailed through University without suffering stress and anxiety. We know the triggers and we were able to support her.

I suffer from anxiety all the time but people don’t notice because I can hide it all of the time. If I go to work and the router has changed or I’m doing something different than normal then my anxiety will kick in. if I have to do something different or go somewhere different then my anxiety kicks in. In May when I took Tilly to Turkey, although I had been to this hotel a few times I was doing it differently because I wasn’t with my friend and I was taking Tilly instead, for we before I went I panicked about every little detail and I didn’t want to go. But I did go and I enjoyed every moment of it. Sometimes you just need a kick up the ass to make sure you don’t let anxiety get in the way of life.

Bruno van der Kraan

Anxiety is a feeling of the worst kind of dread like something bad is going to happen. You get scared and your adrenaline pumps so much that it feels like your heart is going to pump out of your body, you feel sick and sometimes struggle to breathe. This is where a panic attack can happen but don’t panic – breathe slowly and try and regain the power over the anxiety. If this is you and you see yourself being described in this blog post then please get some help, there are always people to listen to you, friends, family, your GP or a therapist. A problem shared is a problem halved and you will find the people in your life very understanding.
When you first start seeing a therapist you might not be ready to work with the methods that they suggest or you might be too scared to change your ways in life to help battle the anxiety but eventually, it will all come together and between the two of you, you will start to overcome your fears
When I was suffering from severe postnatal depression I hated my therapist am I fought her the whole way, it wasn’t until afterwards that I started to put into practice the methods that she has taught me. Sadly under the NHS you only get 6 or 12 sessions with a therapist and that isn’t enough to work through your anxieties and problems.
If you’re suffering from anxiety or stress and having a particularly bad time of it at the moment there are a few little things that can help you and maybe calm you down like using calming techniques such as breathing meditating or yoga. Relax in a nice bubble bath and pop on a face mask on and go into your own little world for a little while this will make you forget your anxieties and relax your body as well as your mind. Listen to some music or read a book but most of all remember feelings of anxiety will pass and a little while later you will ask yourself what the worry was all about – I ask myself the same thing every time that I have an anxiety attack. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn’t hide it instead, talk to people about how you’re feeling because they love you and will be there for you.


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