A Day Out At The Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

It has been a few years since I went to the Flamstead Scarecrow Festival. We didn’t manage it last year and ended up driving around it the year before as we didn’t realise the weekend it was on until late on the last day. Back in 2015, we walked around and I posted about it here. This year, I made sure we actually got to head around the festival on foot, looking at all the fantastic scarecrows and voting for our favourites.

As always, I made sure to have a little money for the voting form but we took drinks and snacks – despite being tempted by the hog roast and the ice cream van! When we visited in 2015, we paid for a voting form so we could choose our favourites.

The money from the festival is all for charity – this year they are raising money for the local church to save the roof – and I am always happy to support charity, especially local ones but I do think things could have been worded better on the signs – as all that is mentioned on the site is paying for your voting form and an optional programme as far as I can see.

But enough about that. We took a walk round the village, checking out all the scarecrows there were and taking some photos. As we headed to the exit at the end of our day out, we chose our top 3 and put their numbers on the voting form. Here’s hoping our favourites get plenty of votes!

Overall we had a lovely day out looking at the fantastic scarecrows the people of Flamstead had to showcase. It is a unique day out in our local area and I look forward to visiting again next year.

Do you have any unique events that happen where you live?

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  1. What a fabulous lot of photos! You can only imagine the amount of time, effort, hard work and manpower that went into creating such an amazing spectacle for visitors to enjoy, so we’re sorry that you only fealtbif was worth £2. Looks like more than £2 worth of fun Here!

    The festival takes a huge amount of planning and preparation from the whole village, not to mention the disruption for residents over three days, so we don’t feel that asking people to donate £7 per family for a whole day out to have fun and enjoy yourselves is a huge amount compared to how much you would pay for entry to an event like this were it to be a profit making event, which most people wouldn’t think twice at paying for – so why is this so taboo at a charity event?

    Take the Herts County show ot Meraki event for example – both local events that were priced at a considerable amount more and where families would have spent a lot more typically that at an event like ours today. Even visiting the local pop up farm would probably end up costing you more than £7 per family, not to mention the price of other local attractions!

    The donation we were asking for is more for the actual entry to the festival and to show your appreciation for the efforts the village and it’s villagers had gone to in making scarecrows and then volunteering their time, some for the whole three days, standing on roads making sure pedestrians are safe, making sure you had somewhere to park you car, and could exit/entry the field safely, people in their seventies on their feet serving tea, coffee and cake for three days, letting visitors walk in their gardens, over their land and through their village – rather than donating for a physical programme. Our programme this year had lots of amazing information in it, including a voting form and so much more – including the history and heritage of our church which needs a million pound transformation, including a roof repair and is what the festival was in aid of, so that we in the village can secure the future of our village community for generations to come.

    We’re glad that our visitors enjoy visiting, but at the end of the day, we are relying on the goodwill of the village to put on a good show for the visitors and they have to feel that the festival is raising money which benefits the whole village and justifies the disruption to their lives for three days, and if we don’t ask for a decent donation, then it’s not a worthwhile festival for the community and we may not be able to repeat it in the future as they may not extend their good will to us if we are letting people just walk around and visit for free Makes a mockery of the quality of the festival and all of the hard work they are putting in.

    We’re always happy to take feedback ad review our systems for next year, and so will be bearing this in mind when advertising the festival for next year so it’s clearer and more explicit.

    Thanks for visiting!

    1. Thank you for your comment and taking my thoughts on board.
      I just want to clarify that I in no way think that the festival is only worth £2,far from it – however I did think that the programme price seemed a little steep. I would have, in fact, been prepared to pay it if the information of prices had been more readily available – all I could find on the website was the price of the voting form. However I only brought a very minimal amount of money with me due to the fact that it has been a very lean month for me being self employed – and I felt quite pressured by the man offering the package out. Had I had the money on me I would have been more than happy to pay for it, I just felt that it should have been better communicated the different prices for items if that makes sense. There was other people selling the programmes etc that weren’t putting on as much pressure to buy everything.

      It’s not taboo at all, I just felt that the pricing could have been communicated better because there may very well have been families attending who, like us, only brought a certain amount of money with them. I’m always happy to donate to charity and will continue to do so next year at your event. I even remarked to my partner that next year I will make sure to bring along a little extra money. I did consider not coming along this year due to this but had promised my son so didn’t want to let him down.

      Thanks for taking my thoughts into consideration and responding, I do appreciate it. On reflection, my comment about the programme has been omitted from the post as I wrote it whilst still a little sad that I had felt so pressured into buying something I couldn’t actually get.

      Thank you.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts Rebecca. If you send me your address via Twitter DM, I’m happy to send you a programme. Thanks. Flamstead Scarecrow Festival.

  2. This looks so much fun, Tilly would love it but making sure you know how much money to take is key to a successful day out.

    Alot of work has obviously been put in to this and although it is a disruption to the village, it is something that they have chosen to do. I do love the unique ideas and how Trump has made it as a comedic scarecrow. Fab pictures

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