5 Top Hair Care Tips

I recently realised that it has been far too long since I got a haircut and that my hair probably isn’t in as great a condition as it should be. I’ve been thinking about the top hair care tips I’ve heard over the years and thought I would share my top five favourite hair care tips in a post today. I’ve been quite lucky with my hair – my Dad’s side of the family have luscious and full hair as do the females on my maternal side. The male side of the family on my maternal side haven’t been quite as lucky and I think some have even considered a FUE hair transplant like Wayne Rooney had a few years back.

Taking care of your hair needn’t be stressful. Here are five tips for ensuring your hair stays in tip top condition:

1. Get regular trims/cuts

This is probably my biggest downfall. I never go within the 6-8 weeks and I can’t actually remember the last time I had it cut. Oops. Luckily I will be attending a blogger event at my local hair salon next week so will remember to book one in then!

2. Break your bad habits

Certain bad habits such as smoking and bad eating can cause hair to become dull and lifeless. Much like our skin is affected by these habits, so is our hair.

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3. Use heat protectants

If you absolutely must use heat on your hair, ensure you protect it before using the tools on your hair. There are various products out there to help with this.

4. Comb or brush hair when its mostly or completely dry

We all like to comb or brush our wet hair when we get out of the shower or the bath but wet hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakages. If you can wait, do but if you can’t, take extreme care when brushing.

5. Don’t wash your hair every day

So many people say not to do this but there are still some people who – people say not to for a reason. Washing your hair every single day strips your hair and scalp of their natural oils and this could be bad in the long run. If you can eke it out to every other day, this could help.

What are your top hair care tips? Have you heard any of the above?

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