5 Best Child Friendly Places To Go On A Date In Hertfordshire

Steve and I have been together over eight years now and to be quite honest, date days or nights don’t happen all that often, especially now we have two kids. The most we generally get is a night on the sofa watching a film, haha! That being said we used to visit a lot of different places on dates in the early years. We are lucky to live in a gorgeous area and there is so much to see and do. There are such lovely places in Hertfordshire to take your date and here are my top five child friendly places to take your loved one.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

If Harry Potter is a big passion of yours and your date, why not head to the Harry Potter tour? Despite living just down the road from it, we still haven’t actually visited it but it is the perfect choice to go and spend a couple of hours with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Royston Cave

Royston Cave is a cave of unknown origin that was stumbled upon by accident. If you love the more spooky things, a day out here during the summer months would be a perfect date. You could spend time taking a look at the cave walls which depict scenes such as the crucifixion of Christ and other Christian symbology.

Hitchin Lavender

You will have seen all the blogger photos of their children in the lavender but it would also make for a perfect date with your loved one. It is a lovely place to take a stroll around no matter what age you are (if you are trying over 50s dating, this would be a great date idea to suggest!) and it is so peaceful. You can even head to the little shop and restaurant if you like.

Watford Colosseum

The theatre is a great date so maybe check out the shows that the Colosseum has to offer? Staging live music, comedy and even kids shows such as The Tiger Who Came  (perfect for others interested in single parent dating as you will have plenty to talk about).

Tring Natural History Museum

If you want something free (donations accepted though) to do in Hertfordshire that is something a little more unique than your usual date ideas, then why not head to Tring Natural History Museum? It is very interactive, has a cafe on site and is a great date idea if you want to try something a little different. Perfect for kids!

These are my top five unique date ideas for Hertfordshire – do you have any other places you would suggest?

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