3 Ways To Improve Your Domain Authority

3 ways to improve your domain authority

There are so many posts out there about improving domain authority – and with the brand new introduction of the toolbar with DAILY updates, people are beginning to worry even more about it, much more then when it was a  monthly update. Mine has been steadily going up the past year, although the toolbar has seen it drop a couple of points,and I think I have a fair idea of how you can improve it without taking too much time on it – or worrying too much about it.

You might be wondering why domain authority means so much to some people. Is it a measure of success? Some companies look for a domain authority of a certain number or above which is why so many people work on it. Even companies themselves work on it, looking for affordable blogger outreach to help them in their mission.

One such post out there about how to increase your domain authority is from Lucy and it is a wealth of information, I suggest you check it out. There’s a wealth of blogging tips on her blogging site too – she really is a fountain of knowledge. So how can you improve your DA? Here are just three ways you can improve yours.

Write Good Quality Content

It sounds simple, right? But so many people rush posts out without taking the time to truly check them over. Be consistent in your quality – make your posts a resource that people want to come back to time and time again. Evergreen content is your friend.

I have a couple of posts that constantly get hits – some recipes, some parenting posts such as potty training tips. Depending on your niche, write good quality posts that people want to interact with and will be searching for. My recipes do well because people need to eat, my potty training posts do well because parents need to potty train their children and sometimes need advice.

People want to share good quality content and when they share, especially if they create a backlink to your site, that can help with your domain authority – which leads me to my next point.

Increase backlinks to your blog

Backlinks are extremely effective when it comes to DA and this can often be shown by the blogs that have been around for many years. Most of the blogs that have been around the same amount of time as I have average between 35 and 55 for their domain authorities which is absolutely incredible. They are all putting out amazing content but a thing to remember is that they have all those years of good quality backlinks too.

It is sad to say that linking to people just because doesn’t really happen as much anymore. I am always linking to my friends if I feel they have a relevant post – share the love and all that! This used to be so much more prevalent a few years ago but there are definitely still ways you can increase backlinks to your blog.

Andrew Neel

First of all, link to your own content. If you are talking about a subject and you’ve also slightly covered it in another post, link back to it in your new post! But if you’re wanting to get backlinks from other sites, how can you do this?There are two ways – guest posting and responding to crowdsourcing requests. Here are a couple of examples – I wrote a guest post for Becky from Your Modern Family here which gave her some content and got me a backlink from a very reputable and good quality site. Becky is a super blogger so I was super happy to get a guest post on her site.

I’ve also responded to crowdsourcing requests in Facebook groups and on Twitter. This is where other bloggers ask for opinions on a subject and may include your quote with a link back to you – here’s a Christmas themed one I was involved in and one about keeping fit when you have children. These are fun to get involved with and help everyone involved.

Work on your SEO

Search engine optimisation is something you should already be doing but this will really help when it comes to improving your DA score. If you are using it properly, you will appear in search engines – high in the search engines if you are optimising properly and know what you are doing – and this will increase the number of clicks to your blog. Make sure you are optimising all your images too with ALT text so people can instantly know what the post and image are about – ALT text on images is especially important for those with visual impairments.

Write good quality headlines that get people interested – use your keywords and sometimes (although I hate it) you have to be a little clickbaity to reel the readers in. Make sure your anchor text is relevant to the post you are writing – there is no point writing a post about domain authority like this then using your anchor text as ‘should already be doing this’ instead of the actual words ‘domain authority’ or phrase ‘how to improve your domain authority’ – do you understand what I mean?

These are just three ways you can improve your sites domain authority and what I find works for me. I try not to get too hung up on the numbers but will be working hard over the next few days to hopefully get the daily update to match my previous monthly score – I’ve been a bit lax on the above points recently so really need to get back on it.

What do you do to increase your domain authority if you are a blogger?

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