My 2018 Travel Bucket List

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I haven’t got to travel much this past year what with Olivia being so small but I am determined to change that next year. I’ve been to Rome, Paris and all across the UK in recent years but want to spread my wings a little bit in 2018, whether that is with my family, just Steve or with friends.

I have many friends who are regularly jetting off somewhere for a couple of days – travel is what they choose to spend their ‘fun’ money on and I’d much rather visit new places than have that takeaway every week or buy that magazine each week for a year when that could get me a cheap ticket somewhere. has been a great resource for giving me some ideas for my bucket list. I’ve still obviously got the few places I’ve always wanted to visit and they will remain on my bucket list for 2018 in the hope I finally manage them but I’ve also got a few more places I’d love to visit if I had the chance.


I would love to go back to Rome – we went as a family when Jack was tiny and he doesn’t really remember much of it. We managed to get quite a lot done in four days but I still feel as though there is so much more to see.


Steve and I have been saying we want to go here for years. One of my friends recently visited and I was so jealous.


Steve’s grandfather was Canadian and he has friends out there plus his cousin is moving there for two years next year so we’d love to go visit the country of his ancestors and also pop in to see family and friends too.


I’d love to take the family to Paris. I went with a blogger friend back in 2015 and totally didn’t get to do everything we wanted in the time we were there – and of course, Disneyland Paris is there so I’d love to take the kids!


This is one of the places we would love to visit for a top of the range beach holiday – it is simply beautiful.


I really want to explore Europe more and Spain has always fascinated me. We have Spanish friends and would love to visit where they came from.


My aunt lived in Greece in her twenties and always talks about Greece wistfully. Steve and I would love to visit and see what my aunt is raving about.


My great grandfather was from Australia and my Mum and I have always said that we were going to visit one day. It would cost a lot but this can always be a 2018 dream, right?

These are just a few places I would love to visit in 2018 – although I don’t think funds would allow for all of them, haha! What places are on your 2017 bucket list?


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