Big Changes Ahead

We have big changes ahead in our household. In the next few months, our whole dynamic will change. Steve has been looking into changing his career for quite some time now and is looking to head into teaching. To do this, he will need to retrain so he will be heading back to university (well, Open University). Working full time and studying alongside a family life would never work so Steve is actually going to be going part time which means I will have to step up and be the breadwinner.

I’m actually having quite a successful year so far and I hope it may continue – however whilst Steve was off sick recently, I managed to get so much more work done, invoice for so much more and actually earn quite a bit that I actually earned the same as what Steve would have earned working 42 hours+ a week. With this in mind, Steve is going to be at home more and helping out with the kids and around the house, giving me more time to work.

This enables him to also get studying and also go part time in a job that he enjoys more than what he is doing now – he’s applying for loads of different things at the moment and has a few things in the pipeline. He also has a definite job to go to (with his boss from a few years ago) if he doesn’t find anything before September. He will be keeping the holiday he’s accrued and getting paid for that as well as his normal wages so August should be a fairly comfortable month.

These are massive changes and they could be quite stressful but I am so looking forward to the challenge and for Steve to be in a happier, healthier place doing what he loves. I feel it will be so much better for our family, getting to spend more time together. Wish us luck!

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  1. It is great that you are staying so positive Rebecca! Changes can often be a good thing – my mam used to tell me ‘ Great things never came from comfort zones!’…….I wish you and Steve and your little ones lots of luck xxx

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