World Diabetes Day | Learn More About It

Diabetes is a disease that affects many members of my family, not least my father and sister. I’ve shared this infographic FOC to help us all recognise the different types, symptoms and other important things to do with the disease.

Today is World Diabetes Day and NRS Healthcare have created this fabulous infographic explaining diabetes. I find that it is quite often a completely misunderstood disease and it is important for people to learn all about it and be aware of the signs and symptoms in both themselves and others.


With my Dad being diagnosed four years ago after being undiagnosed for who knows how long (and having to have a toe amputated), raising awareness of diabetes is important to me. Some fab bloggers to follow who’ve talked about diabetes include A Cornish Mum and Actually Mummy and I applaud them in their attempts at raising awareness.

There’s so much so many of us don’t know about the disease and its important to educate ourselves and each other into what diabetes actually is.

Did you know everything mentioned on the infographic? Do you or someone you love have diabetes?

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